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Chapter 8.

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~ Frankie’s POV ~

I ran as fast as my little legs would go, away from Gerard and Mikey and Lacie. I didn’t want them thinking I liked Gerard but I think I blew it by running. He must hate me, for sure.

I felt my phone vibrate. I stopped running and sat down on the bench I had got to, I was in the local park. As I pulled my phone from my pocket I looked into the pond where they found a dead body last week.


“Frank! It’s Leslie, Mikey called and said you ran off, want to talk?”

“Um…Look Leslie that’s sweet but I really need to be alone right now, later though?”

“Sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah.” I lied easily.

“Okay, bye Frankie, love ya.”

“Love you too Leslie.” I said and hung up.

“Oh.” Was all I heard and as I looked behind me I saw Gerard running away…oh no.

~ G’s POV ~

I ran to the park where dead bodies are always found knowing he would be there somehow.

I saw him on a bench on his phone. He looked kind of depressed.

I walked up behind him and waited for him to finish his call, I think it was Leslie he was talking to.

“Love you too Leslie.” I was right-wait! Did he say ‘I love you too…’?!

“Oh.” Was all that left my mouth before I ran. He obviously wasn’t upset about me then…
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