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Chapter 9.

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~ Frankie’s POV ~

I ran after Gerard but lost him at the kids swing sets. They were the kind that has slides and all the rest of it attached. I called his name to see if he’d reply.

“Gerard! G where are you?!” No answer.

I heard rustling under the slide and a muffled “OW!”

“G? Are you there?” I asked not expecting a reply. I walked over slowly, cautiously. I ducked and say him, huddled in a little ball softly crying, big fat tears flowing easily and quickly down his face. Fuck. I did this to him.

“Gerard…” I crawled under with him and realised why he said ‘ow’, there’s no space under here. “Gerard it’s not what you think.” He was about to answer but I interrupted. “I know ‘that’s what they all say’ but it’s true. G he was saying he loved me but we’re not dating. Leslie and I are just great friends.” I went to put my arm around him but he flinched away. I sighed. “How do I prove this to you? Seriously Gerard you’re the most stubborn and sassiest boy I have ever met.” He didn’t laugh but he did chuckle slightly.

“Are you telling the truth?” I whispered after a few seconds of silence.

“Yes. Ask Mikey if you want but I never lie.” I went to hug him again but he again pulled away.

“Fine.” It’s not or never right? I leaned up and quickly grabbed his face kissing his wet and salty lips with my dry chapped ones. He didn’t move for a few seconds but as I was about to pull away and apologise he kissed me back.

~ Gerard’s POV ~

He pulled away blushing.

“Um…Gerard…I know your straight…it’s just…well does that prove we’re not together?”

“Ye-yeah.” Was my lame reply.

“Why did you run?”

“Because- uh,”

“Do you not like the thought of us being together?” He looked sort of hurt.

“Frank, um…Ireallylikeyou.” The last words were jumbled and spoken quickly.


“I…really like you, Frank.”

“But…your straight.”

I smiled. “Not for you. You’re my exception.”


“’Awr’?” He said ‘aw’ funny.

“Yeah, awr as in,” he pulled a red sharpie from his pocket and pushed up my sleeve. The “MIKEY WAY IS HOT” still on my arm. He giggled and wrote beneath it ‘AWR’.


It started pouring. Suddenly the nice weather disappearing into thunder. Frank squealed and jumped into my lap making me laugh.

“What’s wrong Frankie? Scared of thunder?”

“Uhu- AH!” He buried his face in-between my neck and shoulder.

“Okay, we can wait here till it’s over.” I said pulling my open hoodie around us both for extra warmth. We could be here a while…
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