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V. I Don't Care!

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Hunter and Jimmy's activities under the influence. Not intended for younger readers, hence the R rating, but sexual content within is really only implied.

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St.Jimmy was right- Hunter was on top of the world. Everything felt new... different. He turned to Jimmy and reached toward him. His hand made contact with Jimmy's face, brushing his cheek. Jimmy didn't recoil at the somewhat intimate touch, surprised that he enjoyed the feeling of Hunter too much to care that he was being touched.

Hunter was gone- Jesus of Suburbia had taken complete control. And he wanted everything. He ran his hand down St.Jimmy's face, trailing down his neck, over and under his shirt. He removed Jimmy's shirt all the way, touching his chest, his ribs, his back, his shoulders, running a hand down his spine. He came forward and brushed Jimmy's lips with his own.

Static exploded across Jimmy's lips. He came forward, pressing his lips back onto the kid's. Jimmy smiled, because Hunter seemed to actually be enjoying it. If just this felt so good, how far would they go to make it better?

Jesus of Suburbia pushed Hunter's warnings to the back of his mind, letting his tongue slip in between Jimmy's lips, touching the older man's piercings. Jimmy couldn't take it- he began to freeze up as the feeling overwhelmed him, and his brain seemed to short-circuit. The kid was good.

Jimmy's thoughts made no sense anymore; they were nothing but images flitting through his mind as the kid undressed himself. He let his eyes wander over Hunter's body, taking in the beauty of the object before him the same way a thief views a valuable before pocketing it.

Hunter gasped as Jimmy's hand slid over his exposed crotch. Jimmy chuckled to himself, repeating the action several times. Hunter let his head fall back and his eyes close, groans filtering up from his throat. Jimmy leaned in close to Hunter's ear, nibbling it before chastising him about how hard he was already. "You're such a fucking tease." He chuckled.

Jimmy's hand left Hunter completely for several minutes as Jimmy worked on his own pants. Hunter whined. "Oh, shut up. If you want it that bad, you can do it alone, I don't care." Jimmy snapped, pouring lube into his own palm. He worked himself for a few minutes, smiling when Hunter apparently decided not to wait for Jimmy's return. "Can I-?" Jimmy asked, letting the question hang in the open air.

Jimmy got up as Hunter readied himself. "So... you've done this before." Jimmy muttered to himself, coming up behind him. "Just- ah!" Hunter yelped, digging his painted nails into the arm of the couch. "Finish it." Jimmy said, his voice monotone.

"I- I don't c-care. J- Just fuck me, Jimmy." Hunter said, almost begging.

"I- I don't care i-if you don't."
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