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VI. Dearly Beloved

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The morning after. :)

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Hunter's mind was cloudy. For once, he didn't remember where he was, or who he was waking up next to. He was naked- he knew that much. The sheets over him were crisp and cold and smelled of cheap cologne and cigarettes. He looked over, just a small glance. He saw a shock of bright-red hair. Jimmy. That's right... sometime last night they'd moved into the bedroom... but Hunter didn't remember much happening after that. To be honest, Hunter had been expecting to see a girl, expected to get up and quietly slip into the pre-dawn light, expected to never call her again. Then, he remembered home was miles away. No. No, home was here- Jingletown was miles away, his mother was miles away, but this was home.


The water slammed into his back as he sat curled against the shower-wall. Hunter sobbed quietly, afraid Jimmy might hear. "W-what have I done?" He whispered. "I hardly know him... We met a week ago! And I-I promised myself... I promised I'd never let a man do that to me again..." He clutched at his sides, curling up tighter. He shuddered as the water began to turn cold on him.

Hunter turned off the tap, clambering out of the shower. He looked around the bathroom for a towel, but there were none to be found. Hunter burst out of the bathroom, goosebumps blossoming on his crossed arms and legs. "What fucker doesn't keep towels in the fucking bathroom?!" Hunter screamed, shivering. The bedroom door was open, and Jimmy was reclining on the couch. Jimmy burst into laughter at the sight, covering his eyes with one hand. "The towels are in the closet." He gasped. "Hey," He chuckled, "Wanna go streaking later?" He burst into another fit of laughter.

Hunter stuck his tongue out, grabbing a towel from the closet. "Wanna go streaking later?" He mocked. His eyes widened as he felt a sticky substance on the towel. "Oh God, Jimmy! That's fucking disgusting!" St.Jimmy burst into fits of laughter in the other room.


Something smelled awesome. Hunter got up off the couch, peeking around the edge of the dividing wall between the kitchen and the living-room. Jimmy was standing in front of the stove, pouring raw beaten eggs into a pot. "What the hell are you doing?" Hunter asked, coming out from behind the wall.

"Egg drop soup." St.Jimmy explained. "Jesus Christ! Why do you always fucking make chinese?!" Hunter complained. Jimmy turned, throwing an egg at Hunter. It hit him in the head, shattered, and covered him in goo. "You complain again..." Jimmy threatened, bouncing an egg in his palm, "Just remember there's more where that came from." Hunter stuck out his lower lip, mock pouting.

"Go wash that off. We're going out today." Jimmy said, smiling. "Out where?" Hunter asked. "You'll see."


It was Hunter's first time really checking out the city. However, St.Jimmy had decided that most of his checking out would be in alleyways. Jimmy was buying and dealing drugs for most of the day. The only memorable person Hunter could think of had been a sleazy blonde-haired girl who'd gotten a little too friendly with Jimmy. Hunter wondered for a few seconds how she paid him for drugs.

Soon enough, however, Hunter was feeling like hell. He took a drag from a cigarette, "Jimmy, you're a fuckin' asshole. These pills you gave me ain't worth shit." Jimmy grabbed Hunter below the chin firmly. "You're just never happy, are you? If you whined any more, I'd graduate from pelting you with eggs to kicking your ass onto the street." He smiled as Hunter's eyes grew wide. "But, hey, the sex is great." He laughed. "Oh, I know! I could whore you out for cash-" Hunter choked on his cigarette. "But I think I should keep you to myself. Can't have you getting nasty things... A clean whore is a good whore."

Jesus of Suburbia threw his cigarette to the ground, spitting in Jimmy's face. "I'm no one's whore!" he yelled. He cried out when St.Jimmy struck him across the face. "How dare you fuckin' do shit like that!"
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