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Chapter 3

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(Frank's P.O.V)

When we got back Mikey decided to look at the films we had got for tonight. Me and Gerard glanced at each other and burst into giggles. Ray and Mikey exchanged looks and glared at us looking completely bemused but we just carried on giggling. Mikey shrugged and searched through the films. Plenty of horror, obviously, and a few comedies, just so we didn't look like sadistic creeps which is hard when you're all wearing black and staring at horror films intently with manic grins. Mikey pulled out the last film, turned a fluorescent pink and dropped it as me and Gee started laughing even harder.

"Hey what's wrong?" Ray asked quizzically. Mikey turned to stare at us "You guys... That's just... Oh my god it's just wrong!" he exclaimed making us laugh harder. "For fucks sake will someone please tell me what it is!?" Ray moaned. I threw the film at him. He stared at it for a minute. "Well it could be worse" he murmured "HOW COULD IT BE WORSE!?" Mikey screeched like a teenage girl. "Well considering what they've been known for..." Ray trailed off. "Oh god no don't put that image in my head!" Mikey responded. Me and Gee went ballistic with laughter.

"Damn Ray you should've helped us! That idea was awesome!" Gee complained once we calmed down. "No thanks" he replied turning the Xbox 360 on. "Whatcha gonna play?" I asked. He shifted over to the pile of games "Um not zombie stuff I've been playing that shit for like a week now... Sci-Fi stuff maybe?" he murmured. "Shooting game!" Mikey yelled as he picked up a controller. "What about... What's it called again? Halo I think it is that's got shooting and Sci-Fi in it doesn't it?" Gee asked. "Yeah let's play that!" I yelled picking up a controller and passing the other to Gee. "Which one's the best?" Ray asked. "How the fuck should I know?" Gee scoffed. "Reach!" Mikey yelled. "Yeah that's a pretty good one." Ray agreed, nodding and putting the disc in.

After half an hour we were completely hooked, even Gee. Currently Ray and Mikey were joint first, I was second and Gee was last but we were too busy shooting each other to care. "FUCK YOU!" Gee yelled as he got killed by Mikey... Again. "Aw come on bro! You're not doing that badly!" Mikey said. Then he looked at the scoreboard. "Okay so maybe you are but still." Gee glared at him "Wow thanks Mikes for the brotherly support and caring." he murmured, still glaring. "Anytime bro." Mikey replied, eyes glued to the screen. "RAY! FUCK OFF I WAS DOING WELL UP TIL NOW!" I shouted as Ray killed me. "They're ganging up on us aren't they?" Gee pouted. I swear he looks so fucking adorable when he does that! "I think so." I said. "Shall we give them a 'show'?" Gee whispered to me winking. "Fuck yeah!" I whispered back. As I think you can tell by this point, me and Gerard had given up on the game.

I climbed onto Gee's lap and leaned against his chest. Mikey glanced at us and Gee nuzzled my neck. "For fucks sake guys!" Mikey moaned turning back to the game. "What is it?" Ray asked having been snapped out of his gaming trance, he then glanced over to us. "Oh fucking hell." he said as he facepalmed himself. We giggled at them. "Can you, like, not do that in front of us? Please?" he groaned as he shot Mikey down. "Fuck!" Mikes muttered then carried on with the conversation "Yeah I'm fine with it guys, seriously! But just not, like, right in my face you know?"
"Aw! But where's the fun in that?" Gee complained.

Ray and Mikey finally gave up on the game and we watched some horror movies. During the fifth film I think it was, I wasn't really paying that much attention seeing as I was still on Gee's lap, they finally got really pissed off by our antics. "So you guys are just fucking with us then?" Ray said, rolling his eyes. "Hell yeah!" Gee yelled and I nodded. We had to just be messing around didn't we? Wait did I seriously just think that!? Fuck! I can't think like that it's just ridiculous I mean I have nothing against gays or being gay, in fact I'm 100% for it but still... "Frankie are you okay? You're staring off into space." Gee said. "Yeah I'm fine. Just tired." I said as I got off his lap and went to bed. I needed to think this over.

Author Note: sorry my updates are slow my grandparents keep deciding to take me in the caravan when I'm ready to update which means I get no internet :'( I've decided I'm gonna try writing some Frerard stuff into it sorry if it sucks I don't usually write love stuff :/ thanks for the reviews!
Carley x
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