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Chapter 2

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(Mikey's P.O.V)

Ok what Gerard said thoroughly creeped me out. If he'd said that a few months ago then sure we would have just laughed it off and said he was seeing things because he was tired but now.... Let's just say that recently we've had a few too many incidents with ouija boards to just joke around at that stuff. By the looks of it Ray and Frank are creeped out as well. Hang on it's creeped Ray out!? Shit that's not good. The room filled with an unnatural silence as we thought about it.

I saw Gerard attempt to break the silence but it was obvious he had no idea what to say. So I blurted out the first thing that came to me which happened to be "Anyone for more coffee?" at that everyone erupted into fits of giggles. "Trust Mikey to break the silence with something about coffee!" I heard Ray manage between giggles. 

After about a minute we all calmed down again and I went to get the coffee. "Hey there's enough for five cups!" I yelled at them. "Five cups? So that's one for each of us and then there's a spare." I heard Frank say as I came in with our coffee. "No shit Sherlock" Gerard said as he rolled his eyes. We engaged in a rather un-meaningful conversation for a few minutes until we had all finished our coffees.

"So... One cup left" Frank muttered. Once again Gerard rolled his eyes at Frank and gave him the "no shit Sherlock" response. "What about it?" asked Ray. "Well we can't share a cup between us so who's going to have it?" he raised a valid point. Both me and Gerard would finish it when it got to our hands. We stared at it for a while. Finally Ray said "well I'm fine without another cup so it's up to you three to decide." at that Frank moaned "oh hell no! I'm not getting caught in their coffee wars! I'm out!" I noticed Ray was holding back giggles again. "Gerard are we really that bad with coffee?" I asked. "I don't know Mikey but I would like to know why this is turning into Dragons Den." he replied.

At this point Ray lost it and started laughing so hard he fell off the sofa arm he was perched on. Frank was holding back fits of giggles and me and Gerard were just glancing between ourselves and the coffee. "erm what is Dragons Den?" I asked, the others all stared at me like I was some kind of idiot. "Its a TV programme where people try and get money from business people who have millions for their business ideas. When the dragons, as they're called, decide they wont give any money they say I'm out'." Gerard said to me bluntly. "oh" I said and glanced over at the clock for a minute but when I looked back the coffee had gone. "Noooooo! The coffee!" I yelled and lunged at Gerard to find that the cup was already empty. How the hell did he drink it so fast!?

We forgot all about the incident from earlier and decided to go out to get some films for later.
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