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Police and Press and Fans, Oh My!

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Thank you midnightdreamer, emocutter91, AnotherKnifeInMyHand, shortygirl! Like I promised, a chapter from Frank's point of view. Enjoy!

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Frank's Point Of View!

"He has black hair, um...It's Gerard Way, can't you just Google him?"
"Sir, you need to stay calm."
"I am calm!" I said in a very not calm manner.
"Is he the pale emo one with eyeliner making faces at the camera?" the officer said over the phone sounding really unprofessional.
"That's the one. He's in that band, My Chemical Romance? The famous one?" I said trying to get him to realize who he was looking for. Has he seriously never heard of Gerard Way before?
"Who is this again?" the officer said sounding rather annoyed.
"Frank Iero." I said acidicly.
"Well, Mr. Iero, how would you know that someone famous is missing?" he asked smuggly. This moron was really starting to pi$$ me off.
"Because I f*cking know him!"
"Yeah, and I'm the godd@mn Easter Bunny." he said laughing. I wanted to slap this fool.
"Could I please speak with someone else?" I asked as polietly as I could manage.
"No you punk a$$hole! Get off the godd@mn phone! I've got...serious police buisness to attend to." Ihung up and dialed 911.
"911 What's your emergency?" a young woman on the other end answered.
"This is Frank Ier-" the girl squealed on the end.
"Oh my God! It's FRANK IERO!!" she shrieked at top volume.
"GERARD IS MISSING!" I screamed at her and that quieted her down.
"What can I do?" she asked sounding dead serious.
"We need to find him. We need to find him soon. Get everyone you can looking. But whatever you do, do not connect me to that a$$hole at the police department."
"Someone treated you badly?" she asked, sounding as if I'd told her the guy molested her kid.
"Yeah, some moron at the police station called me a "punk a$$hole" and called Gerard emo."
"I will kick his @ss so hard...How else can I help?"
"Just get everyone on it, please. Authorities, fans, random people who have no clue who you are, everyone. The more people the better."
"Will do. Good luck."
"Thanks." I heard a click on the other end. I closed my cell. "Ray how's the fan alert coming?"
"Good. It's almost done."
"Great. Mikes, have you tweeted it?"
"Tweeting in process." Mikey was a wreck. He hadn't slept since Gee went missing. Bob was out combing the streets. I've called all the hospitals is the state and none of them have him. I even called all the morgues. I wanted to keep the press and public from knowing as long as possible so that people didn't impede the searching, but it came to the point where I realized I had to contact the police. The police didn't work out very well. And apparently I just told the fans. I decided to call all the hotels and Starbucks' in the area.
Four hours later, still no one had seen him. I widened my search to the whole state. By the time I was half done, Ray had passed out and Mikey switched places with Bob, who had started Tweeting everyone that Gerard was missing and paced nervously until he passed out on the couch. By the time I was done it was the next day, Mikey was back, Ray was e-mailing people asking if they've seen Gerard and to call if they see him, Bob was out looking for him again. He hasn't been to any of the Starbucks' in the state since he's been gone and hasn't checked into any hotels. This isn't good, he'd have been to Starbucks by now if he was fine.
"Mikes, it's time to get the press involved." I said. He sighed.
"Frank's right, Mikey. With the press involved we have a better chance of finding him." Ray added.
"Okay." Mikey said, sounding defeated. I picked up cell phone fron the table. I dialed the number and they picked up on the second ring.
"Hello, Fox News, how may I help you?" said a very bored sounding lady on the other end.
"Hello. It's Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance. We have a story for you." I heard a gasp.
"I gotta story!" she yelled to someone else in the backround. "Thank you for calling. Please hold a moment while I transfer you." she said cheerfully. I heard a click and what sounded like elevator music, then another click.
"Hello?" A woman asked. "Mr. Iero?"
"Yes, hi. I have a story for you. Gerard Way is missing. We'd like you to spread the word that we urge fans to look for him and for whoever has him if someone has him to please bring him back. We'd like to put a reward of...$1,000,000 and tickets to the concert nearest to them along with backstage passes."
"Did you say Gerard is missing? And you think he may have been kidnapped?"
"I'm on it. And we'd like to interview you guys."
"Okay. Thank you."
"Don't mention it. When and where should we meet?"
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