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Blueberry Pancakes

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Thank you emocutter91, AgentKilljoy, AnotherKnifeInMyHand, Elisabeth, and shortygirl! Sorry for the delay! I hope the chapter's worth waiting for.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-04-30 - Updated: 2011-04-30 - 549 words

"Good morning Mr. Way! Are you hungry? Thirsty?" she asked smiling. She was about twenty and had her hair up in blond, spikey, pigtails with purple streaks and no bangs. She had big, beautiful, shinning brown eyes. She had a huge smile and my fear melted away for a moment. I forgot the fact I was tied to a chair, I was just chilling with a fan.
"Umm...a little."
"Fantastic!" she cheered. "So do you like blueberry pancakes?" I nodded. "Orange juice?"
"Okay! Wait two seconds, I'll be right back!" and with that she skipped out the door. Within half a minute she had came back with a bunch of pancakes and a pitcher of orange juice. "Okay, I'll untie you if you're going to behave." she looked as if to ask if I was going to act up. That's when I remembered I was tied to a chair and why. She had already closed and locked the door and started to carefully untied me.
"Thank you." I said quietly. We ate our pancakes in silence and soon she was asking me if there was anything else she could get me. "Pencils, paper, a pencil sharpener, and one detail Sharpie and one regular Sharpie, please."
"Okay!" she called cheerfully as she left. An hour later she came back with all that and an easel. "Here you go!" she said happily.
"Thank you." I replied politely. I immediatly started setting up a small art studio as far from the Barbies as possible. She sat on the bed as she watched me set up. I heard her leave and lock the door. I stared at the paper blankly and had no clue what to draw. I started sketching clueless to what I was drawing. Twenty minutes later I had a sketch of steaming blueberry pancakes that was completely shaded. I smiled. At least I was alive. She hasn't threatened anyone, she just kind of started playing hostess. I realized she even left my phone in my pocket. I took it out and checked the date and time. I put the date on the picture and signed it. I didn't have any cell service. I started another picture. My strange, child-like captor began to form on the paper. It looked just like her at first glance. Upon closer inspection though, I spotted a flaw. Her eyes. They looked dull, emotionless. I carefully erased them and redrew them. Her new cheerful, shining eyes completed the picture. I finished the shading and outlining, then signed and dated it. I sat on the bed. Soon I let my exhaustion take over and I drifted off to sleep.

Sorry this took so long, I tried to upload it at school but I couldn't finish typing the whole thing because I had homework aqnd I had to respond to some reviews. I ended up being about fifeteen to twenty minutes laate to my next class (I'm not really sure though, my perception of time tends to be horrible unless it's relating to commercial brakes or when Criminal Minds or That 70's Show is on.) Anyway I'm really sorry and I have the next chapter written, I just need to type and post it. It's from Frank's point of view and I think you'll like it.
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