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Awake Again Part 5

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A.J. Is in store for a rather large shock....

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It was so fun, and we teased and bantered the way we used to. As we sat down, watching the finish dry, I looked at Fatal. She seemed so alive, so sweet. She looked at me, the bright sparkle of jest gleaming in her eyes. I leaned in, and so did she, and we kissed. It was like fireworks bursting out of the cold, dark desert. I put my hand in her hair and drew her closer. She braided her fingers in my hair. We pulled each other closer, and closer, and closer...............and then a high pitched, fingernails-on-chalkboard noise came on the little gadget. Fatal pulled away, cringing. I held my ears and yelled, “What is that?”
“The transmitter!” she yelled back.
“Make it stop!”
“On it!” She turned the dial back and forth until a picture of Poison appeared. He looked very mad. He glared at us.
“Where are you, Fatal?”
“Um, in the lookout at Zone 4.”
“Well, you need to come back, so we can start our watch, and get some sleep. Today has been long.” I knew he saw me behind Fatal, but luckily he didn't see the car.
“Okay, Poison, no worries.” She turned the dial again and the screen went blank. She turned around and smiled, but she was blushing deep red.
“Should we drive in the Death Beetle to show it off to the others? We could bring the bike in the trunk.”
“I think we should ride out tomorrow after you become an official killjoy and show what a hard worker you are!” She tousled my hair, and stepped closer to me. We kissed again, our hands intertwined in each other's hair once again. My head felt like melting with the happiness. Finally we had to pull away to drive home. I rode in the back, holding Fatal's waist the whole time. There was nothing I wouldn't do for her.
When we got back to the station that was apparently the headquarters, Fatal held my hand, and excitedly showed me everywhere. Then she showed me my room. It wasn't much, and there was dust all over the floor. But I knew if I was good, then I could get a goodnight kiss, so I stayed quiet. When it was time for lights out, I realized how troublesome sleeping next to Fun Ghoul's room would be. He started out with just making bumping and crashing noises like he was jumping on everything, then I heard a collapse and I thought he was asleep. He was, and he snored, loud. I tossed and turned, and somehow tuned out the noise, but my dreams were full of worry for the next morning.
When I got up, there was Fun Ghoul right on top of me. He was grinning. “Look Alive, Sunshine!” he yelled. He made a puzzled expression, then said, looking me over, “You don't look like sunshine, though. You look like a worn out Ken doll.”
I tried to sit up, and Fun Ghoul backed up. “Thanks.” I grunted.
“No prob.” He smiled, “Ten minutes, lazy, we still have zone running after you.”
“Don't worry, there's not much to get ready about.” I got up, washed my face, combed my hair to the best of my abilities, and then walked out. They were all eating. What looked like a kind of dog food\tofu. I crinkled my nose. Fatal had been experimenting again. Well, I wasn't hungry anyway. I walked outside, and I heard arguing. It was coming from by the shed. I walked over to see Party Poison and Fatal arguing. I pulled back, so they wouldn't see me, and sat down on the bench next to the corner. I could hear every word they said now.
“But why? Why can't I go?”
“Because that's the way it is, Fatal, and that's final.”
“You know, you've been a real jerk to him and I ever since he got here.”
Poison's voice raised, “ Do you think that's intentional?”
“Why, yes I do.”
“I'll GET OFF YOU BACK once you stop making cracks about my boyfriend, so....” She gasped. I almost yelled myself at the shock. She called me her boyfriend. She hadn't done that in years, and yet, just one night changed that all.
“So...boyfriend, is it? Have you guys been like that for a while now? Hmmm? Maybe a spy for BLInd, Hmm? Karma told me to trust you, and so I did, but here comes the truth. Right to my face.”
I heard Fatal's voice get very low, deadly low. “You've never loved someone before they were affected by the pills. You have no idea what I've been through. You and your brother are just the same in that fact, so stubborn, you can't accept change. I don't know what's wrong with you, but all I've ever wanted was to be accepted. And I thought you gave me that.”
Then Poison's voice grew weak. “Please, Fatal, please don't say that. You know I...” I knew he didn't know what to say next.
“You have a horrible temper!” she snapped. “I'm out of here. You can go with A.J. And make him a killjoy, and I won't come, just like you told me. But you showed me something very important today. Be careful who you trust.” She stormed off, luckily she didn't see me, and Poison must have gone the other way. He walked around to find me standing my the door, looking out at the desert. Instead of snapping at me, and having a bad attitude, he gave me a sheepish smile.
“It's , er, time to go.” He walked in and called the other killjoys out. The five of us drove for a good part of the morning. Finally, we stopped at a shack-like place. Poison walked in with me, Ghoul, Jet, and Kobra following. Inside was a gangly teenager who had shaggy hair and geeky glasses on.
“Another one? That's twice this week!”
“Yeah, and both came to us.” Poison smiled and introduced us. “Neon Avenger, motherbaby, moterbaby, Neon Avenger.”
Neon pushed his glasses further up his nose. “Nice to meet you, step here please.”
I stepped where they told me and Poison walked up and put a hand on my shoulder “Alright, now all you have to do is tell one of the leaders of BLInd that you hate them and you joined us. Not too hard right?” My insides melted into cold lead. I nodded, but I didn't know if I could talk. The screen popped up bright white, and the BLInd waiting screen showed. Then the countdown. heart just about burst...1... and then Brandon's face showed up. My eyes narrowed. This would be way easier then I expected. Before Brandon could ever speak, I started yelling,
“You! Ha! Look at you! You look like you haven't had enough sleep in years! Wow, I guess you never did, you and your pills, well let me tell you, my life has been a hundred times better after I stopped taking them. You are a cruel, nasty, no-good, dirty, rotten, sun of a gun who can't get a girl and who has got nothing in his life to look forward to, except power, and you have never gotten it! In fact, in the long run, I was more powerful then you! Ha! And to think I ever believed in what you told me! Brainwash! That's what that was. Oh, and I know your plans. I know that you're not going through with them, that's for sure. You're cruel, helpless body will lie in the desert forever, when I'm done with you. Yes, I know your plan about your immortal pills, and let me say, us killjoys will take care of that.”
Then Brandon, looking very disturbed, shocked, and sad, pressed a button, and then another, to turn the screen off. Neon looked worried. “That's never happened before...”
“What?” I asked.
“Brandon tuned the screen off himself. That never happens.”
“Well, maybe it is because I was his cousin.”
“That...could be it.”
Then all the killjoys came and patted me on the back. They all smiled at me, but it was all with worry.
“So,” said Poison, “What shall your killjoy name be?”
I thought for a bit, even though I knew what I wanted to do. “Leather Danger.”
“Well, Danger, let's go see your homecoming party!”
We all drove home, but then, when we got there, Poison screeched to a stop, hopped out, and started running. Everything looked fine to me, but it looked a little uninhabited. I ran up with Poison. There was no one there. We searched everywhere. I was calling Fatal's name, Poison was calling Karma's name, and Jet Star was calling Purple Pixie's name. Finally, Poison yanked open a covered trap door. He went down inside. I, and the other guys followed. Inside were both Pixie and Karma, crying their eyes out. Poison and Jet both came and started trying to comfort them, but Karma ran up to me, tears running down their faces.
“Where's....Fatal?” My voice was barely a whisper.
“They...they came....they came, and she tried to lead them off.”
Poison yelled, astonished, “BY HERSELF!?!”
“She...She...said...” Karma sniffed. “'Save yourself, I'll hold them back.'”
Poison put her arms around Karma and Kobra fell onto his knees. Ghoul looked shocked and deadly pale.
“How many were there? She might still be alive.”
“There were about twenty dracs all together, three cars, and Korse.”
Poison gulped. I cringed away. There was no way. Unless they captured her, to bring me back, and kill me. It was all so clear now. I had to get in, break her out, and kill Brandon and Lucious once and for all. Or else I would lose the meaning to my life. I walked out of the room, into the weaponry, where I got three lazer guns and a hand grenade. I walked out, and there was Kobra, about to walk in. He stopped and looked at me and my weapons. I tried to shove past, but he held me back.
“Where do you think you're going?” He said.
“None of your business.” I snapped. “What about you?”
“I asked you first. But I already know what you're doing. Saving your girlfriend.” He made ari quotes around “girlfriend”. He looked up and looked in my eyes. “You aren't alone.”
“I'm going alone.” I said stubbornly.
“While it wasn't the going, part I meant, you aren't going alone either.”
I stared at him, confused, “What do you...” then it hit me. I staggered back. “You love her too.”
“You aren't alone, bro. I know I should hate you, but I like you more for it, for some weird reason. So, you aren't going alone, since you aren't the only one who cares for her.”
“Then....,” I pulled up a few more guns and grenades, “join the club.”
“Don't mind if I do.” He took the weapons. He was showing me a stash of screen gas when Ghoul walked in.
“You know, if Poison found out, he would never allow to go.” He leaned against the door post.
Kobra and I both looked up and said, at the same time. “We aren't looking for permissin.”
Ghoul laughed, “Then I won't tell, on one condition.”
“What?” I said.
“ Promise me it will be dangerous beyond imagining.”
“It will be.” I answered.
“Then I'm in!” He grinned, and pulled out a huge bag.
Kobra looked at him, then me, and said, “His private stash.”
We all started out and were about to get in the trans-am, when we heard Poison's voice behind us. “You're going to need keys.”
We all turned, Poisons smiled, “I may be the bossy know it all, but I'm in on this one.”
We all started getting in the car, when a lazer beam flew past all out heads. Karma was there.
“Don't forget me.” She said sweetly.
“You're not coming.” Poison growled at her.
“Yes I am.” She smiled and walked up to the car.
“No, you're not.” He turned toward her defiantly.
“Yes I am.” She leaned in, closer and closer, the whole time Poison going,
“No, no, no, no, no, no, no...” Then she kissed him, and he muttered, “Fine.”
We all drove down into the desert. We were quite far off, so it took a while.
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