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Seeing Is Believing

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Gerard keeps his promise.

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Chapter Two: Seeing Is Believing

Frank and Gerard had gone back into the cabin and informed the other guys of what they'd seen. Ray took the news particularly hard for obvious reasons, but everyone was in a state in disbelief.

"So what do we do now?" Mikey chimed in after the initial shock wore off.

"I guess I'll go call Triple A." Ray sighed, leaping off the arm chair he had been perched on.

Once he left, Mikey, Frank, Pedicone, and Gerard sat in silence, each of them more frazzled than they'd ever admit. All of their minds racing, but heading towards the same question: What could have done this? Ray came back five minutes later looking somber. All their heads turned in his direction, anxiously awaiting whatever news he came bearing.

"There's no reception." he informed them bluntly. Immediately, the others pulled out their cellphones, ready to offer them to Ray.

Until they all saw, none of them had reception either. They were stuck. The air of tension thickened.

Gerard heard Mikey whimper beside him on the sofa. A slight flashback from when they were staying at the Paramour mansion flickered through his mind. A sensation of pity came over him, and he felt the need to show Mikey that he had this handled.

"I saw a town just like three miles back on the way here. I can walk down there and ask for help in the morning." Gerard pitched.

"We should all go." said Pedicone.

"No," Frank shook his head "someone's gotta stay and stand guard here."

"We'll split up." Ray decided "Gee, Frank, and Mikey can go down tomorrow, me and Pedicone'll stay here. See if we can get the car going at all."

They all agreed. Afterwards, they all tried to resume their activities as they were before the disturbance, but it soon became obvious that their jolly mood was beyond recovery. It wasn't long before they all agreed it was time to knock out. Not simultaneously, but as soon as Frank went, the others followed almost instantly. Gerard and Mikey headed for their own room.

"Are you alright?" Gerard asked Mikey as they settled into bed.

"Yeah." said Mikey shortly while pulling the covers over himself. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"No reason I guess." Gerard bit his lip, deciding it would be best to drop it for now.

"Goodnight Gee." Mikey turned his back on Gerard, establishing that this conversation was over.

Gerard returned the goodnight and stared up at the ceiling. Feeling restless, he tossed and turned in his sheets, peering out the window to his side every now and then. He eventually settled with playing a couple of games on his phone. After about two or so hours before he heard Mikey finally begin to snore. Gerard frowned, knowing something had been keeping Mikey up as well.


Frank was lying awake in his bed, playing with a pocket knife he had brought. He had spent the past few hours, speculating on what could have happened to Ray's car. He knew he was probably overreacting, but Frank had always had a slight paranoia. He doubted Gerard would come tonight, seeing how spooked he had seemed. It was just as his mind was beginning to drift into the subject of Gerard that he heard a creaking noise outside his door. Footsteps.

Frank bolted up immediately and turned to face the door, his back arching like a hostile cat. The doorknob turned, and Frank felt the grip on his knife tighten. The door cracked open, and Frank saw a head of red hair peering in. Frank let himself relax -- it was only Gerard.

"Hey." Gerard whispered staring at the knife that Frank had in his hand. Frank tucked it away and smiled at Gee.

"Hey... sorry... I was just...yeah.." Frank laughed nervously. Gerard smiled back at him and shut the door, walking over to Frank's bed. Frank scooted over and Gerard sat down next to him, and Frank gazed at Gerard for a long while. Sometimes, Frank loved just looking at Gerard. He was so damn beautiful. His face looked like that of an angel, framed with fiery red locks of hair that contrasted with his hazel eyes.

Gerard cleared his throat, and Frank blushed as he became aware he was openly gawking at his friends face.

"Sorry.." he mumbled, averting his gaze and looking at his feet instead. " do you wanna do?"

"I don't know Frankie..." Gerard looked down at his own lap, appearing just as awkward, "This was kind of your idea..."

"Oh, did you not want to? If you don't it's fine, I --- "

"No, it's not that." Gerard interrupted him. "I was just --"

Frank cut him off by planting a kiss on his lips. His mouth clashed hard against Gerard's, and his tongue burst in just as aggressive. Lips still locked, Frank began to lay Gerard down on the bed. Gerard tried to return the kiss as best he could, and Frank got very handsy very fast. His hands ran through Gerard's hair, gripped it and ravaged it as though it was something he had been dying to touch. He lowered them then, stroking Gerard's chest. He slid them down to his stomach, just above his waist. Gerard pressed into the kiss a bit harder, slithering his tongue around Frank's playfully. Frank moaned, and he lowered his hands finally to the top of Gerard's pajama bottoms, which he quickly removed.

Frank broke the kiss and grinned. Gerard wasn't wearing any underwear. He lay before Frank, spread eagled and nude from the waist down. Frank never felt hungrier. His hands roved over Gerard's pale legs, and he flicked his tongue teasingly at Gerard's hardness, which Gerard responded to with a slight gasp. Frank was taking his sweet time to wrap his lips around the head, when he heard Gerard suddenly say "Stop."

Stop? Frank sat up, confused. He looked at Gerard, and who had a terrified expression on his face. He was facing the window.

"What's wrong babe?" Frank asked, wondering what could have possibly ruined such a glorious moment.

"Someone's outside." Gerard whispered, still staring wide eyed at the window.

"What?" Frank looked out the window, but all he saw was trees and darkness. "There's no one there Gee."

"There is, I saw someone moving behind those trees...." Gerard pointed at a couple of trees that were far off.

Frank looked harder, squinted at the area in which Gerard was pointing. Nothing. There was nothing there.

"I think you're just seeing things..." Frank argued.

"I'm not."

"It's okay Gerard, we're all a little spooked after tonight." Frank reassured him.

Gerard wouldn't take his eyes off the spot he had been pointing, even as he reached down to put his pants back on. Frank's face fell.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I know what I saw, Frank. I wanna go check on Mikey."

"But what about..."

"Another night. I promise." Gerard grabbed Frank's hand and squeezed it. Frank felt a sting of annoyance, and he had the right mind to give Gerard a hard time about it had he not looked so frightened.

"I still think you're overreacting." Frank shook his head.

"And what if I'm right?" Gerard asked stubbornly.

"Then still. Don't worry about it. You know I'd protect you."

"Thanks." Gerard kissed him on the cheek, then said "But it's not me I'm worried about." before getting up and leaving.


Gerard, Mikey, and Frank got ready the next morning for the walk to town. They had a quick breakfast downstairs, during which no one really talked as none of them had gotten much sleep the night before. It wasn't until they were just about finished and ready to head out when Ray ran over to them, looking worried.

"Guys, I can't find Pedicone." he told them. Frank and Gerard exchanged glances.

"Maybe he's just somewhere outside." Mikey suggested.

"I guess he might be, as he sure as hell isn't in the house." said Ray "But it's not like him to be up before noon."

"Well we can look around for a bit before we head out completely.." Gerard shrugged. Frank nodded.

A search commenced. Frank, Ray, Gerard, and Mikey took off in different directions, though they all were careful not to be too far away from each other. Still, Gerard wandered off a bit farther than the others, kicking leaves lazily out of the way as he did. He was about to turn around and declare the area clear of their band mate when he saw something odd looking in the distance. Something pink. He looked over his shoulder, but saw no trace of the guys. Deciding to go forward anyway, he walked towards it.

As Gerard got closer, he could not at first comprehend what was coming more and more into view. When it dawned on him, a scream slowly escaped his lips.

A body, naked and skinned was sprawled onto the ground, it's limbs sticking out in odd angles. Clearly dead, the mangled corpse did quite resemble their missing drummer.


Next chapter: Fear rising to new levels, the boys have conflicts about what to do.
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