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The Sheriff

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A trip to town leads Mikey, Ray, Frank and Gee to some interesting characters.

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A/N: Before you read any further, I should probably mention that this fic is loosely based on Cabin Fever. So, if anything seems familiar... yeah. If you haven't seen that film, you totally should. It's funny.

Chapter Three: The Sheriff

Mikey was rubbing Gerard's shoulder, trying to calm him down. They were on the sofa back at the cabin. Frank and Ray were outside, trying to figure out what to do. Gerard was slowly coming down from a small panic attack, and didn't seem to be able to speak. His face was currently buried into Mikey's neck, who was staring outside despairingly, waiting for Frank and Ray to return. When they did return it was with matching airs of gloom about them. Mikey squeezed Gerard a bit, then got up and left to meet them.

"Gee's not doing so good..." he muttered to Frank and Ray."I mean he's calmed down a bit but he's still pretty freaked out..."

"No shit." said Frank. "We all are Mikey. Even aside from the fact that one of our friends is dead, we're still fucking stuck here and something's obviously out to fucking get us --"

"Shh!" Mikey hissed and gave a sideways glance back at Gerard. "He'll hear you! I don't want you scaring him right now...."

"Well he should fucking hear this!" Frank only raised his voice louder, and Mikey threw him an appalled look. "Trust me, Mikes, even I tried telling him that there wasn't anything to worry about last night, but now we have a fucking dead body on our hands and yes, there is fucking reason to be scared!"

"Okay, Frank, calm down!" Ray growled at him and turned to Mikey. "We talked about and we think there's no point in putting off our original plan. We're gonna go to town and ask for help. We'll just tell them what happened. We should probably all go, as no one should be left alone right now for obvious reasons."

"Well what about the walk to town?" Mikey crossed his arms.

"What about it?" Ray asked back.

"Well whatever is out to get us is more than likely dwelling in these woods somewhere." Mikey explained. "I don't know that it's exactly safe to take a three mile hike through it."

"Mmm..." Frank agreed. "BUT, if we stay here, we're sitting ducks."

"Looks like we don't have another choice then." Ray shrugged.

"Well..." pitched Frank "We should definitely bring weapons. I got a pocket knife and I saw quite a few kitchen knives."

"I have a crowbar in the trunk of my car." said Ray.

"I have this."

Ray, Mikey, and Frank all spun around to see Gerard standing behind them with a large rifle.

"Holy shit Gee, where'd you get that?" Mikey gaped.

"Found it in the broom closet. It's loaded and everything." Gerard grinned.

"Well that's comforting." Frank laughed, as Gerard practiced aiming at different objects.


The walk to town was unnerving. Every little sound triggered a momentary panic. Gerard and Mikey linked their arms together, and Frank raised his eyebrow at the display. They walked behind him, but he could hear them muttering words of comfort to each other. It was sweet, but in a slightly sickening way. Ray held the rifle, ready to fire it at any movement he saw. They weren't sure what they were expecting. An animal, Michael Myers, or an alien from outer space. However all that came to cross them were nothing more than squirrels and birds.

After what felt like hours, they finally began to see buildings. They all felt a sense of disappointment when they realized how run down the buildings were, however. It soon became clear they weren't about to find a Kaiser Permanente anywhere in this town. They knocked on the door of the first store they saw.

An old man answered, in shabby overalls atop a stained white shirt. He looked at them wearily, his gaze first fixed on Gerard and Mikey, then he averted it and it rested on Ray's rifle. Ray became aware of it quickly lowered it.

”Oh, sorry about that..." Ray apologized "We just got out of the woods. We were wondering where we could find the police station or hospital around here?"

The old man stared for much longer before he answered "Hospital? You ain't gon find no hospital round here. And all we gots is a sheriff, and he's only a few buildings down from here. Jus' keep goin' down that way, " he pointed to their left "an' you'll see him on yer' right."

"Um. Okay, thanks."

The old man turned away from them, and they distinctly heard him mutter something about "faggots" before he completely shut the door.

"Fucking hic." Frank growled as started walking in the direction they had been pointed.

They walked for about twenty minutes before they reach the shoddy building, with its white paint peeling off the walls. It had graffiti all over it, and nothing but a taped on piece of paper on the door that said "sheriff" in plain font. Looking at each other as though unsure they should proceed, Ray knocked on the door.

After a couple of minutes, it opened a creek, and eyeball could be seen peering at them.

"Well what do we gots here?"

The man on the other side opened the door all the way, and leaned against the doorway with his hand on his hip. He was a young man, looking no older than thirty. His black hair was long and tangled. He had sunglasses on, despite it not being very bright at all. Quite frankly, he had the appearance of a hippie who put on a police uniform just for kicks. He stared at Gerard almost bewilderingly, possibly feeling curious about the bright red hair.

"Hello, um, sir..." Ray hesitated, unsure what to make of the man. "We came from the mountain just a little ways from here. We were vacationing there and someone or something killed our friend and wrecked our car. We've had no reception whatsoever and we're pretty much stuck. Could you please, please help us? We'll take anything we can get."

"Hmm. Nope you won't get no reception up here." the sheriff explained nonchalantly. "There's a military base not too far off, they been experimentin' with EMP explosions and what not."

"EMP?" asked Mikey.

"Electro magnetic pulse. It stomps out any sort of eee-lec-tronic devices." The sheriff said incredibly slowly, and looked at Mikey as though he had just asked what color the sky was.

"Well what should we do?" implored Frank.

"Go back."

"Go back?"

"Yep. Go back and I'll see if I can get someone to go up there for ya'll." the sheriff shrugged.

"You'll see? You'll fucking see?" Gerard gaped "A man is fucking dead for fucks sake! Why are you acting like we just told you our cat was stuck in a fucking tree?!?"

"Hey man, chill alright?" the sheriff held his hands up, "It ain't my fault you chose one of the dingiest neck of the woods to go have your little vaaay-cation."

"Is there anyone else we can go to?" Ray sighed.

"Not likely boy. I'm the only law 'round here, and there just ain't another town on this mountain." the sheriff said almost smugly.

“C’mon, let’s just go.” muttered Frank.

“Do you have any idea what’s up there that could be doing this?” asked Mikey.

The cop gave them a small smile before saying “Like I said, I’ll see what I can do. Goodbye.” and closing the door on them. They stood there for a while, as though waiting for something else to happen. When nothing but awkward silence developed, they turned to each other.

“What do we do now?” piped Mikey.

“I guess we have no choice but to go back and wait for any help they’ll send us. All our stuff is back there anyway.” said Gerard.

“Well that was fucking useful.” grumbled Frank as they started heading back.

A little ways forward, Gerard suddenly fell. At first the guys thought he had tripped, but they eventually realized he was struggling to get up.

“Gee… what’s wrong?” a concerned Mikey kneeled over his brother.

Gerard held his hand to his head, seeming like he was trying to focus. “Really nauseous. “ was all he said. He turned to face Mikey and they saw he was sweating profusely. Mikey turned to the other guys and told them he was going to go buy some bottled water for Gerard, and Frank interrupted him, saying “No, no – I’ll do it.”. They waited for Frank to return, and he did seeming irritated, muttering about the “homophobic old fart” from the store. Gerard drank and said he felt better, getting up again and seeming ready to continue their trek.

“Was probably just dehydration.” Ray suggested. “It is pretty damn hot out here.”

“Yeah, probably.” Gerard shrugged.

They entered the woods, hoping this time around would be just as uneventful as the last.


Next chapter: The second one.
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