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My heart in your hands

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This is the sequal to my other fob vampire story Don't Breath What will become of poor Mona and Pete?

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Mona’s large boots hit the pavement the rain battered her face. She had to keep running had to. No two was about she looked at the address that Patrick had given her before it happened. She looked up at the house large and denting.

Fuck who where these guys she thought to herself

She looked behind her no Brendon thank god she lost him. She looked at the house then suddenly a TV came flying from the top floor window. She jumped back as it almost hit her.

“JIMMY” came a male voice from the window

“What it never hit anyone!” the one know as jimmy put his head out the window “oh crap” he said

“Are you ok?” he shouted to Mona who nodded as jimmy the rev sullivan waved to her “wait are you Mona Wentz” he asked she nodded “stay there we’ll be down in a second” he said and disappeared from the window

‘We’ she thought to herself what did he mean by we

No time to think as a pair of hand ceased around her small frame. One of the hands clamped over her mouth.

“Hello Mona” Brendon said she started to struggle against him “now are you going to scream” she shook her head knowing it was hopeless

“Why cant you just leave me alone” she asked

Damn it Brendon thought he hated it when she asked him questions that caught him off guard.

Suddenly a punched connected with his jaw he let go of Mona. He held his jaw

“Fuck” he said looking at none other that matt sanders before he took off down the street him and Sanders had history of fighting when Matt was 2nd in command at his old clan. Brendon quickly took off down the street.

All of them turned to looked at Mona

“I’m sorry” she said “I’ll just go” she started to walk away

“Wait” they all said at the same time


“Please stay” Jimmy said

She looked uneasy all of them where taller than she was and a lot bigger

“Please” matt said “I ... We want you to stay Pete done us a lot of favours in the past we’d love to have the next generation of the Wentz around”
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