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Where it happened

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Mona stood outside the warehouse cool night air wising through her hair. She felt Matt’s presents behind her. Then scoffs
"Damn your fast" jimmy said
"I need to give up smoking" Zacky coughed Mona stood mutely looking at the warehouse where her best friends had lived
"We have to go in" Johnny whispered to her
"He’s right" matt said wrapping an arm around her waist he noticed how thin she was he could practically feel her rips
"They might not be gone" Mona said
Dandies Zacky was an Ex dandy
Johnny was an ex punk
Matt was an ex warrior
Jimmy had been left to bleed to death on the street
And Brian was a werewolf
Matt was worried if they could get Pete and do this to the best they where in trouble

Mona shook from matt’s grip and pushed the door of the warehouse opened the sent of blood thick in the air. She let out a shaky breath. She walked through the house the first person she found was Joe. His fro caked in blood multiply bite marks over his body. She heard a faint laugh she spun round to find no one there
She moved to the next room she found Patrick he looked like he was asleep. She moved a strand of his sandy blonde hair from his face. She had never been close to him but he was nice if you had a question he could answer it. Mona had been close to Andy the red headed drummer had always been there for her telling her crazy stories about Pete. The though brought almost smile to her face something she very really did.
She moved to the training area she spent countless hour with Andy in here he said the dandies had to watch out for her
There he was he look like he suffered cuts and buries over his body. Mona brushed her hand over Andy’s cheek felling the stubble. She let a few tears slip from her eyes.
"Aw honey don’t cry" someone said behind her she turned around to see no one
She remembered Brendon calling her honey
"He’s behind you" she spun round to find Brendon his smile sinful and greedy as ever
"How are you?" he asked Mona
"oh I'm fine just the fact that my mother and brother are dead I moved here got attacked by a group of vampires in suits I'm one now my father isn’t here my best friends are dead and the bastard who raped me is standing right in front of me so yeah I’m good" Mona spat at him
"Well if its any constellation I missed you" Brendon said before he jumped on her taking them both to the ground. His hips pressed into hers. He took her .chin in her hands turning it to the so she was looking at Andy’s body
"You see honey I don’t like vegan tastes sour but I did like cutting him up and but its nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you" he said running his tough up her neck then forcing his lips onto her. She melted into it his cold lips on hers. His hands running up her side she wrapped her arms round his neck. The kiss deepened they slowly pulled away. She looked into his deep brown eyes. His hand ran down her face. She moved some of his hair from his face. Before wrapping her arm back around his neck.
Then she remembered who this was. She quickly head butted him then kneed him. He rolled off her she got to her feet and ran for the door only to have her ankle grabbed she was pulled to the ground again.
"Matt" she screamed
"Your such a bitch sometimes" Brendon said standing over her "oh and about those pitiful Avenged Sevenfold boys while we where having our little make out sceion they where taken away to Beckette manor" she looked at him "but don’t worry you'll be joining them" he smiled revealing his long white fangs then everything went black for Mona
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