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Chapter 20 (I Can't Seem To Understand It How You Turned Out To Be So Cold)

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The fire she had built up since the beginning of the year was no more than an ember in her poorly constructed fire pit now.

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So my readers of this tale you probably think you know how it will end. Our fair "Cinderella" has been exposed, exposed by her worst enemy. Now her "Prince Charming" is suppose to come rescue her and take her away. Is he not? But no, I'm afraid that is not what happened...well not exactly what happened. Because unlike the classic tale of Cinderella this "Prince Charming" wasn't perfect, and it would take a lot more for things to fall in place.

It had been exactly 2 weeks, 1 day, and 5 hours since that day in the lunchroom. Brynn had lived those 2 weeks, 1 day, and 5 hours in agony, disgust, and self-pity. The fire she had built up since the beginning of the year was no more than an ember in her poorly constructed fire pit now. Her days consisted of nothing more than school, homework, house work, occasionally food and sleep.

As for Brendon his life went on, but not as it was before.

"Ryan, can you give me that note again."

Ryan pressed the keys on the piano for Brendon to hear the tune.

"Thanks," he said fiddling with his guitar. It had been acting up again and just wouldn't stay in tune.

Spencer sat behind his drum set twirling his drumsticks around bored out of his mind with the slow moving practice session. Brent stood not far away his bass strapped on but his arms crossed firmly in front of him. He too would like nothing better than for this to end. He had plans with Roz later.

Ryan sat at the piano still striking keys when asked by Brendon. He seemed to be the only delighted one in the room. Since the incident with Brynn, Brendon had indulged entirely in the band. He was working days and nights on songs and new material. It was great!

"Um...Brendon, can we get this rolling," Brent said standing up straighter and readjusting his bass. "I kinda have to be somewhere soon."

Brendon played another note on his guitar and turned his head to listen. "It's almost ready," he assured.

"Oh take your time," Ryan said happily. "I think we all agree it should sound good."

"Oh shut up Ryan!" Spencer shot. "You're only happy because this band is your life."

Ryan shot Spencer a glare but let the comment go.

"Yeah," Brent agreed suddenly not resting the issue. "Now that Brendon has fallen into this slump with you, you could care less about anything else."

"Would you two get off it," Ryan retorted. "Maybe you guys should put a little more work into the band too."

"Oh please we have lives," Brent said sliding back to his previous position. "And Brendon did too until Brynn happened," he muttered.

Brendon pretended to not have heard and let it go, but Ryan would not let it sit.

"Don't start with that Brent! You know me more than any of you feel bad about what happened, but we can't do anything about it."

"Brendon can!" Brent shot back.

Now Brendon couldn't pretend anymore. He turned to face his bickering friends. "You guys! Will you stop?"

"No Brendon, not until you tell us why," Brent said moving towards Brendon. "After homecoming all you could talk about was Ann. Well you found her. It's Brynn. Yet you do nothing!"

Brendon was a little taken aback by Brent. "Look she lied to me okay," he said. "She pretended to be something she wasn't to trick me."

"Oh please, that wasn't her intention and you know it," Brent said with disgust. "She liked you, but you were too far into your own world that you didn't see it."

Brendon looked at Brent and then away at Ryan and Spencer. They both wore shocked faces at Brent's outbursts.

"Just drop it Brent," he said quietly. Then he turned back around and started strumming his guitar again, yet unable to push the words out of his head.
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