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Chapter 14

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On Monday I walked with Frank into the lunchroom. His hand was clamped with mine and for once I didn't have the fraud feeling.

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The cold weather had forced lunches inside, so our secretive hideout had been abandoned for the winter. Now kids filed into the noisy lunchroom every day. There was no longer the serine solitude feeling but loud, packed like sardines feeling.
On Monday I walked with Frank into the lunchroom. His hand was clamped with mine and for once I didn't have the fraud feeling. Maria, Gerard, Mikey, Bob and Ray were seated at a table by the back door and spotted us right quickly. They waved us over and Frank moved to go, but I pulled him back with a tug.
"What are you doing Vee?" He said looking at me confused.
I just smiled. "I want to ask you something before we go over."
It had been on my mind practically all day and if I didn't ask now it probably would never come out. "What are we?"
"What?" he gave a small confused smile like I was joking.
"What are we? Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? Friends with benefits? Or are we still pretending?"
Frank pulled me over closer to the wall and let go of my hand. "Why do you have to put a label on it?" He asked.
"'s not a label really..."
"It is to a label!"
"Okay it is." Frank smiled glad he was right...for once. "I would just like to know," I said.
Frank smiled and looked away before turning back to look at me. "How 'bout we keep it simple."
"Simple?" I spoke before thinking. "How is anything about our relationship simple? We make a deal to each others benefits when we secretly loath each other. Then we turn around and actually grow to like one another. So not only are we in a double lie, but the lies actually cross each other out making both us liars actually truthful." I don't think Frank caught my whole speech because by the end he just stared at me with a stoned expression.
"Wow," he finally said. "If I knew you talked this much I would never had gotten involved with you."
"Frank!" I said punching him on the shoulder.
Frank laughed and clutched the spot where I pounded him. "Ow!" He said. "You know I could break up with you for that."
"I thought we weren't going out," I mocked him.
Frank smiled and moved closer to me. I tried to keep my stern look but I couldn't hold when Frank's seductive eyes bore into me.
"Stop," I said as he wrapped his hands around my waist.
"Why," he smirked. "Do I make you nervous Miss Miller?"
I couldn't hold back my smile before Frank gently kissed me. "C'mon let's go," he said after pulling back. I obliged and Frank took my hand to lead me away from the wall.

"Gosh you two have a quickie before gracing us with your presence?" Gerard asked as soon as Frank and I joined the table.
"Aww Gee, you and I both know that's all it takes with Frank," I smiled choosing my chair.
My comment got a round of laughter and a nasty glare from Frank. He scooted his chair close to me and rested his hand on my leg. "You shouldn't have said that Miller," he whispered a smirk playing on his lips.
"Why? What are you going to do about it," I smiled playfully back.
Frank smiled and captured my lips in a surging kiss.
"Okay, okay enough with the PDA," Ray complained breaking Frank and I's moment. I pulled back and smiled at Frank before leaning back in my chair.
"So Frank, where were you on Saturday?" Gerard asked mimicking an inspector voice.
"What do you mean? I was at my house," Frank answered. He shifted in his chair and removed his hand that had been on my leg.
"Yeah so were we, but I didn't see you but once the whole night."
"Yeah," Ray added for effect. "What's up with that?"
"Well maybe you guys were too busy with drinking to come find me," Frank said emphasizing the word drinking.
"No, I wasn't drinking," Mikey piped in.
"Well..." now for some reason Frank looked nervous. He switched his gaze from the inquirers to me. "Well Vee was smoking pot."
My mouth hung open. "Frank!"
Everyone laughed as I glared at Frank. Gerard's laugh roared about the rest. "Haha, Vee's a stoner!"
Frank looked at me and smirked. Gosh! He was so gorgeous. I couldn't stay mad.
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