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Chapter 15

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I cringed finally realizing that Emily didn't know Frank and I were actually a couple now.

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"In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you..."
I was pulled from my copy of Pride and Prejudice by the sound of my name. I looked up from my spot at the counter at Barnes and Nobel and over to Emily at my side.
She was holding a book herself, but her gaze was far from its pages. "It looks like you have visitors," she said nodding towards the door.
I switched around towards the door and sure enough Frank, Ray, Bob, and Maria were trudging in. They spotted me and strolled up to the counter.
"Hey guys, what are you doing here?" I said marking my book and laying it aside.
Frank leaned on the counter. "I'm just making sure your doing movie night at the Way's on Wednesday," he said. "No backing out this time," he smirked.
"Yeah, of course," I smiled back. "But speaking of the Way's, where are they?" I'm sure I would've saw Gerard if he entered.
"Oh they had to go home," Maria answered. "Their mom isn't too happy about their grades."
I nodded. Figures it would happen.
"This is great though Vee," Bob said suddenly. "You have to experience movie night at the Way's."
"Yeah so tell Louie you're not free Wednesday," Frank added smiling.
I smiled too knowing Frank was just imagining my crazy dance instructor.
"Wait, Louie?" Emily said speaking in our silence. "Your dance teacher Louie?"
I looked over at Emily and nodded. "Yeah."
"Oh," she said as if finally realizing something. "Speaking of Louie," she went on. "Are you guys coming to Vee's dance competition on Saturday?"
I looked at Emily quickly with wide eyes. I wasn't planning on telling them about that.
"Of course I'm coming," Frank said right away. I looked back over at him smiling. Gosh! I really liked this boy.
"Wait, you dance?" Ray questioned. "I didn't know that."
"Me neither," Maria and Bob chorused.
"Um, yeah a little," I stuttered. "But you guys don't have to come. It'll probably be boring."
"Vee, I said I was coming," Frank said again a little forcefully.
"Yeah, we'll come too," Ray said.
"You guys don't..."
"Vee, I'm coming," Frank shot and that was it. I smiled at him and he sighed. "Well I guess we should go. Remember movie night," he said. "I'll call you tonight," he added leaning over to give me a peck on the lips.
"kay," I smiled.
Ray, Bob, and Maria said goodbye and they left.
Once the door was closed, I turned to Emily. "Emily," I scolded. "Why'd you have to bring up my competition?"
"Well," Emily answered turning towards me. "I just thought your 'boyfriend' should know about your competition."
I cringed finally realizing that Emily didn't know Frank and I were actually a couple now. "Um Emily about that," I said slowly.
"Oh no," Emily said jumping my answer. "You don't have a competition on Saturday do you?"
"No, no the other thing," I said egging her on.
"What? You've guys stopped pretending to be a couple because what was that kiss about then?"
"No, no," I said realizing I would just have to tell her. "Frank and I are, well, actually are a couple now."
Emily stared back at me with a complete blank expression. Maybe she was surprised. "What!" she exploded. "You can't be serious."
I nodded my head slowly waiting for her to take it in.
"You're telling me that Mr. arrogant, no-good, cocky, in-considerate Frank is actually your boyfriend?"
I looked around realizing Emily was being kinda loud. "Yes," I answered in a whisper.
"Wow," Emily breathed. "I can't believe I didn't see this coming."
"Emily," I said sensing the sarcasm.
"No Vee," she went on. "When were you planning on telling me about this?"
" soon as it came up," I said with guilt dripping with every word.
Emily looked away and huffed.
"Emily," I tried again.
"You know what Vee. I'm just baffled," she said turning back. "I'm feeling kinda like Nala in The Lion King where Simba goes off and finds Timone and Pumba and everything is hakunamatata, and you know what?"
I was kinda iffy about answering.
"You're not coming back to Pride Rock are ya honey?"
I couldn't help but smile. That analogy was good. "Emily," I said looking at her, but she wasn't smiling.
"I miss you Vee," she said getting soft for the first time.
"I miss you too," I said. "I've just been really busy," I added looking away. I couldn't stare at her sad eyes for long. "I've had school and dance and the guys and work and homework..."
"Wait," Emily said interrupting me. "You're still not doing Frank's homework. Are you?"
I gave another pained expression. "Well, we haven't really had time to talk about that
"Oh great, now he gets his work done and perks. You're not giving him perks are you?"
"Of course not!" I objected right away. "You know I'm a virgin." I softened my voice as a customer came up to my counter. A strawberry blonde boy with a hat on handed me a Nerosis CD. I rung it up and gave him his change. "Thank you," I said brightly as he exited.
"Good," Emily’s voice said near me. I turned and saw she had moved closer.
"Hey I have an idea," I said cheerfully. "You should come to the Way's on Wednesday."
Emily laughed like I was joking. "Um, how 'bout no."
"C'mon Em," I egged following her back to her register. "You get to spend time with me and meet everyone."
Emily stared at me from the corner of her eye contemplating.
"Please!" I begged.
Emily sighed and looked away. "Okay," she said. "But only because Nala's bored."
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