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Chapter 11

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Frank: I'm drowning in the pain, breaking down again. Looking for a lifeline.

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Guys, ohmygod. My birthday is in less than thirty six hours. I'll be celebrating my 15th with MCR :D
Oh, and I hope this chapter makes you cry


Tuesday, May 31st 6:38 AM

Frank quietly got ready for school, not wanting to wake his father from his drunken slumber. He threw a black tee shirt on, a pair of dark skinny jeans, and laced up his Converse. He looked at his reflection in the mirror; he really needed to do something with his hair.

Grabbing his cell phone, Frank jogged down the stairs, and went into the kitchen to make some breakfast for himself. Big mistake. His father was already awake, hung over AND in the kitchen. Frank cursed to himself in his mind, trying to think of what to do.

“What the hell are you doing up at this hour?” His father yelled, turning around to see Frank looking like a deer in headlights.

Frank bit his lip. “I.. uh… I could ask you the same thing.”

His father growled. “You little shit, I needed to puke.” He pushed Frank down to the floor. “Got a fucking problem with that?” He kicked Frank in his ribs, making the younger Frank yelp. “You weakling. Can you be a fucking man for once, and not be such an embarrassment?! It’d be better if you didn’t even fucking exist.”

Frank didn’t stir from the floor; he held his sides in pain, squeezing his eyes shut. His father muttered something about a disgrace, and spit on the floor, just missing his son. He walked up stairs and slammed his bedroom door.
“Fuckkk,” Frank moaned in pain. He slowly got onto his feet, lifting up his shirt to see red marks all along his torso. “Fucker. I have gym today.”

Frank grabbed his jacket from the other room and knew he wouldn’t take it off, no matter how hot it got in school. He grabbed his bag, stuffing last night’s half finished homework in it, and patiently waited for Gerard to pick him up. Frank prayed to God his father wouldn’t come down again.

“Okay, breathe, Frank,” he said to himself as he saw the infamous car of Gerard Way pull onto his street. “Just, smile, and act normal.”

Frank ran outside and felt the cold rain hit his bare skin. He smiled and waved to Jamie who ran across the street, jumping into the car. Frank hopped in the back, realizing there were a lot less people than normal. Maybe they came down with the flu?

Bree turned around in the passenger’s seat, “Ray apparently got a car. He said he’d take Monty and Cari. So, no more squeezing and jamming to fit into this car.”

Frank nodded. “That’s good. But we’re in trouble when Gerard goes to college, huh?”

Gerard laughed. “Nah, I’ll teach one of you to drive.”

“GERARD! BRAKE!” Mikey yelled. “Eyes on the road! Red fucking light!”

Gerard slammed on the brake, jerking them forward. The car came to a screeching halt at the intersection. The old woman on the cross walk, whom Gerard almost hit, was screaming at them, and then flipped them the bird. The five burst out laughing, as the woman looked well in her eighties.

“Jesus Christ,” Jamie said. “She just made my day. And, what the fuck, Gee? Trying to kill us?! I actually don’t feel like dying today.”

Gerard held up his hands in defense. “Hey, Ray’s usually here, and makes sure I drive safely. Don’t blame me,” he whined, and then said in a creepy whisper, “blame the ‘fro.”

There were a serious of car horns behind them, and they realized they’ve been sitting at a green light. They were never going to survive, just to get to school. It was ridiculous. School, thank god, wasn’t too far away and was a lot quicker to get to without having to pick up Ray and Monty, and then go out of the way to Cari’s house.

Ray, Monty and Cari would have been sitting outside on the school wall that wrapped around almost the entire school, but it was raining like cats and dogs already, so they were most likely inside. The five ran into school, still managing to get soaked. Gerard went his separate way into the senior wing, while the others trotted along to the freshman wing.

Monty and Cari were chilling on the floor by their lockers waiting for their friends. They jumped up, giggling at how their friends looked like drowned rats. The five shook their heads, going to their lockers to get ready for whatever they needed today. It was an even day, meaning Gerard, Jamie, Frank and Monty had gym today, while Ray had math lab and Mikey, Cari and Bree had health class.

“Shit,” Jamie sighed. “Did we have social studies homework?” She asked, as she stared into the mess called her locker.

Monty shook her head. “Nope. Remember, Wynn is out the whole week?”

Jamie nodded, pretending like she knew that she knew that, cause she always pays attention in that class. (Note sarcasm) The first bell rang, signaling it was 7:30, and the students should head to their first period class, and they did. Waves of students flooded the hallways as they walked to their first class.

Frank wasn’t sure what he saw, but he was pretty sure it was Mikey with some girl, and that girl was definitely not Jamie. Frank exhaled, walking into the boys’ locker room. He shared a locker with Gerard, who was already there. Frank dropped his bag down, and sat down on the bench.

“Not playing today?” Gerard asked, taking his shirt off.

Frank shook his head. “I was having a rough morning.” That wasn’t technically a lie.

Gerard nodded, pulling his old grey gym shirt over his head. “Happens to everyone.”

Frank nodded, looking at the floor, as Gerard continued changing. Why was he so understanding? Could he not see something was wrong? The two exited the locker room and headed towards the gym. Jamie was sitting out, too, apparently. Gerard and Monty lined up on the wall and conversed. Frank and Jamie sat on the bleachers, and were having their own conversation.

“Iero! Williams!” Coach Steele hollered. “Why aren’t you changed?”

“Cramps,” Jamie said bluntly, although Frank knew there was something more than that.

Frank shrugged. “No clothes.”

The coach muttered something, and marked down their grade as a zero in the book. He yelled at everyone who was changed to start the three-minute jog. Fortunately and unfortunately, they couldn’t go outside, so instead of playing softball they played kickball.

Jamie leaned back against the wall, putting her feet on the step in front of them. You see, the bleachers were folded back, but they were on the top one. Frank sighed rather audibly, making it impossible for Jamie not to say anything.

“What happened this morning, Frankie?” she asked.

Frank shook his said and was going to say nothing, but there was no reason to lie to someone who knew the whole truth. “He was in the kitchen, hung over. Basically, called me a disgrace, and kicked me a few times. Bruises were forming when I left, and there was no way I was changing, and having Gerard question me on it,” he explained.

Jamie sighed, and gently hugged Frank. “I’m so freaking sorry, Frankie. We need to get you out of there. He’s gonna kill you one day, and I need you.”

“Never knew you felt that way about me, James,” Frank laughed.

She rolled her eyes. “Not like that, ass. I don’t want you dead, because you’re like a brother to me, I can’t have another brother of mine taken away from me,” Jamie said, looking the other way. “Besides, Frankie, you know who I like.”

Frank bit his lip. “About that… Jamie, I’m pretty sure I saw Mikey with some other girl today, holding hands, walking to health. I’m sorry.”

“Funny, Frank,” Jamie laughed slightly. “I’m pretty sure he would tell me. After all, we’ve been best friends for about seven years.”

Frank nodded, “Sure, but if he does have a girlfriend, you know you can come crying to me.”

Jamie smiled, “Frank Iero, you’re the sweetest.”

As the dreaded gym class finally ended, Frank headed off to math, which was “Algebra 1.” To him, it was a load of bullshit with letters and numbers mixed together. He had this class with Mikey and Bree. Frank wanted to talk to both of them, so he hoped to God that Mrs. A would let them work together. Although, that was a one to billion chance, Mikey still sat next to him. Frank could talk to Bree later.

“You have a girlfriend?” Frank asked as soon as Mikey sat down.

Mikey stared at him for a moment, jaw wide open, and then shook his head to snap out of his gaze “Um.. Why do you ask?”

“I thought I was you with some girl this morning,” Frank explained. “But, I mean, I know you would tell us if you did.”

“Um.. yeah..” Mikey stuttered, shifting in his seat uncomfortably. The brunette that sat two rows over kept glancing at him, sending kissy faces every once in a while.

Frank thanked the high Lord himself—Catholic school for seven years makes you think of God a lot—that class ended. Frank made his way to Mrs. Conte’s Writing class. Most electives were third period. Gerard was of course in advanced Art. Jamie, Monty and Ray were in the Music class. Mikey and Cari were in some gourmet food class. Bree was added into the Writing class with Frank when she moved here.

Fourth period was a study hall, which thanks to some scheduling revisements, they all had together. Frank tuned out the whole world, with his iPod on. That same brunette had study hall with them, and sat closer to then usual. Jeez, they were horrible at hiding relationships.

Frank had English next, which was with Bree, Mikey and Jamie. They were all working on a project together. There was an awkward silence, and very uncomfortable atmosphere between them. Frank kept glancing at Jamie, who shook her head.

Sixth period was the language course for Frank. He had taken originally French, but decided he would be better of learning Italian, since it was his nationality. Italian had required a basic Spanish class first. So, Frank decided he would be better off with “trying” to learn French, which was hard since the teacher was a complete idiot.

What seemed like forever, the bell finally rang. Thank god for lunch. Frank was starving, but he forgot to pack a lunch or grab money when he rushed to get out of the house this morning. He sighed, and slumped in his seat near the window, watching the rain pelt the window.

Monty and Ray sat to the left of him, looking unbelievably happy together. Seeing happy couples made Frank just a little jealous. He shouldn’t exist; he’s no good for anyone. Frank stared at the table, leaning his face on one hand. Jamie came to lunch next, with her brown paper bag. Cari, Bree, Mikey and Gerard soon also joined the lunch party, although those four bought lunch.

“I wouldn’t touch the school lunch with a ten foot pole,” Monty stated clearly when the four returned with their gross school lunch. “Not even if my life depended on it.”

“Not eating either, Frank?” Gerard asked, taking a bit into his burnt biscuit.

Frank shrugged. “I didn’t have much time this morning. It’s fine.” His stomach growled rather loudly to prove the opposite point.

Monty, Ray and Jamie were able to give Frank food from their packed lunch. Everyone knew you had no idea what was in the school lunch, so the others refrained from giving him gross food. Frank nodded to his friends in appreciation. He still saw that goddamn brunette, and really disliked her for being a threat to hurt the only person that understood him.

“Who’s that brunette?” Frank asked, and pointed in a general direction of where she was, making her look back at her food.

“That’s Nicole Dover,” Cari said; of course she would know. “Surprised she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. You know, she dated five guys at once one time.”

Mikey shook his head. “I really don’t think we should judge people on their past mistakes. She’s actually really nice.”

Frank knew at that moment that they were dating, but he didn’t want to say anything because he didn’t want to be the one to hurt Jamie. Nothing else interesting happened at lunch. Oh, Ray is now known as the “Cupcake Destroyer” because he accidentally slammed his fist into his cupcake.

Nothing else seemed to happen the rest of the day. Frank went to Social Studies and Science for his last two periods, and unusually, they didn’t hang out today. Gerard dropped Frank off at his own house, and Frank took a deep breathe upon entering his house.

“You little shit,” his father’s voice echoed through the house. “Where fuck have you been?”

Frank scoffed, “Like you care. I was at school for your information.”

“Don’t fucking speak t me like that!” Slap! Frank’s breathing increased as he was not ready for the first hit. His father just slapped him across the face, and Frank wasn’t that shook by it. He pushed his son into a wall, punching him in the arm, and threw him on the floor. Frank whimpered in pain, and felt his lip become bloody. The elder Frank kicked the younger in the side quiet hard, and a few times. Frank groaned in pain as his father left him.

The worst part was, this was when he was sober.
You guys crying? Cause I was while writing this.. Which girl should the next chapter be of (out of Monty, Cari, Bree and Jamie)?
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