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Chapter 12

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Bree: Now your nightmare comes to life

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Happy Friday the 13th! I thought I might as well update. Btw, I've been listening to Avenged Sevenfold all day, so I kinda got inspired to write this

Wednesday, June 1st. 6:45 AM

“WAKE UP!” The Way brothers’ screams echoed through the whole house, almost waking up the neighbors.






Bree groaned, covering her ears with her pillow. Apparently, Gerard did not want to get, and somehow Mikey ended up with the responsibility to wake him. Bree slowly got out of her bed, walking towards the door. She stumbled down the hall, went down the stairs, and opened the basement door.

She yelled down the steps, “I swear to God, if you two don’t shut up, I will hurt you. Gerard, get your lazy ass up. Michael, stop screaming!”

Neither of the Ways retaliated anything. Bree made her way back upstairs to get ready for school. Aunt Donna and Uncle Donald were on a small trip, and therefore weren’t home, It sucked, cause then Gerard wouldn’t get up, and Mikey would get pissed. It was just a disaster.

Bree brushed her red hair, pulling it back into a ponytail. She slipped out of her nightclothes, pulling on a pair of grey skinny jeans and a navy blue V-neck. She applied her makeup, not caring if it looked like crap. Bree looked through her drawers and practically everywhere for a pair of socks, which seemed to have been eaten by the dryer. Bree groaned and slipped on her flip-flops instead.

As she walked down the stairs, Bree wasn’t able to see with all the smoke coming form the kitchen. She ran into the kitchen to see the goddamn toaster smoking and ready to burst into flames. Gerard and Mikey were nowhere to be seen.

In order to save the house, Bree picked up a dishtowel and oven mitts, and grabbed the toaster. She ran outside, throwing it an empty garbage can. Bree put the lid on, hoping it wouldn’t explode. Mikey and Gerard stumbled out of the house, coughing and waving the smoke out of their faces.

“What. The. Hell?” Bree demanded at her cousins. “Are you trying to fucking kill eachother?!”

Gerard shrugged, “That,” he pointed at the garbage can, “wasn’t me.”

Bree turned her attention to Mikey, who shrugged. “What the fuck did you do, Michael?!”

“Well, I was making breakfast,” Mikey said quietly.

Gerard’s eyes widen as he let out an exasperated sigh. “Christ, Mikey. Not the toaster, again! That is why you were banned form the toaster, you idiot!”

Mikey bit his lip, looking a bit hurt. “I… I didn’t know! Why can’t you butter a bagel first and then toast it? It started smoking, so I tried to take it out with a fork, but it shocked me!” Mikey showed his family members his palm, which had red burn from where he was shocked form the fork.

Bree shook her head. “Are you okay, at least?” Mikey nodded. “Okay, good. No we need to get a new fucking toaster before Aunt Donna comes home.”

Gerard had a sheepish grin on his face. “Don’t worry, we have a toaster fund for when this happens.”

Jamie and Frank, who live down the road, came running into the Way’s yard, screaming and yelling absolute nonsense. Gerard lifted the lid of the garbage can, showing them the toaster. They shook their heads and tried not to laugh.

“Thanks a lot guys,” Mikey said. “I’m not perfect!”

Frank chuckled. “I can’t believe this happened again. How do you manage to do something stupid like that twice?”

“I dropped him when he was a baby,” Gerard admitted, swinging his arm over his brother’s shoulder, grinning. “But, he turned out alright.”

Mikey shrugged out of his brother’s half hug. “Yeah, yeah.”

Bree rolled her eyes. “Okay, okay. We gotta get to school.” She glanced over to Jamie and Frank, who were both wearing hoodies. “Aren’t you two going to be sweating to death?”

Jamie shrugged. “Uh, no. We’ll be fine. It’s not bad. Um, shall we go to school now?”

Gerard nodded, tossing her the keys to start the car. Bree glanced at Frank, who already was walking towards the car. She glanced over at Mikey, and shrugged. Bree got sat on the left side and Frank was shoved to the middle as Mikey sat on the right. Jamie was more quiet than usual and Frank was abnormally quiet.

Bree was really curious to what was going on between Jamie and Frank. She also believed that Mikey had a girlfriend. Her seven new friends had a whole lot more drama than a whole season of Desperate Housewives!

She smiled to Cari and Monty when they said to hi to her in the hallway. Bree had something else in mind when walking to her locker. The freshmen’s lockers went in alphabetical order, but with Bree coming in late, she was at the end. Lucky for her, the person she wanted to talk to happened to have the last name starting with a W.

“Hey, Jamie,” Bree smiled, leaning against the lockers as the blond opened her locker.

Jamie looked over, “Uh, hey Bree…”

“Is there something wrong?” the red head asked. “You seem…uncomfortable.”

The fifteen year old shook her head. “Nah, I’m fine. Is there a reason you are pressing all of these questions on me when we’ve barely spoken a hundred words to each other?”

Bree pressed a fake laugh. “Oh, Jamie.” The blonde glared at her, taking a few books out of her locker. “Are you and Frank dating?”

Jamie suppressed her laugh. “That’s you were just acting like you hated me?” She giggled. “No we aren’t dating. Oh god, no. Don’t get me wrong, Frank is really attractive, but he’s like a brother to me.” Bree sighed a sigh of relief; Jamie smirked. “He’s all yours.”

Bree blushed slightly. “Thank you,” she said softly. “But, um, what’s going on between the two of you, then?”

“Nothing!” Jamie exclaimed, slamming her locker. “Now, if you excuse me, I have to get to class.”

Bree moved aside so Jamie could go down the hall. She shouldn’t have asked the last part. But Bree couldn’t help but smile realizing Frank was available and objective to flirting. Sure she barely knew him for a week, but Frank Iero was one piece of eye candy you wanted.

The first bell rang, and Bree, Cari and Mikey went down the main stairs towards the gym. The girls entered the locker room, going to the back where their locker was. Cari was very nice, and let Bree share a locker with her. Also in this gym class was Katie and Milly.

“Cari,” Bree said, tying her shoe, “I think Mikey has a girlfriend.”

Cari turned around to look at Bree. “No way. You’re kidding right?” Bree shook her head. “Holy shit. I’m going to talk to him about this.”

Bree nodded, standing up. “Also, Jamie and Frank are hiding something, but they are not dating.”

On the wall inside were mostly the boys and a few girls. Cari and Bree approached Ray and Mikey, dragging them over to the side. They were both utterly confused. A few others in the class were also confused.

“You,” Cari said, pointing her finger in Mikey’s face. “What the hell? You don’t tell us when you have a girlfriend?!”

Mikey shrugged, “I don’t know.. I was going to tell you guys today, I promise!”

“Who is she?” Ray asked.

“Nicole Dover,” Mikey mumbled.

Cari looked outraged. “WHY ARE YOU DATING THAT WHORE?!” Everyone in the class looked over, and she said more calmly to Mikey. “Mikey, she… I honestly think it’s a trick. Why would she want to date you?”

“Thanks,” Mikey said sarcastically. “And, I think she actually likes me. What am I supposed to do? A hot girl says she likes me, and I’m supposed to turn her down? No. When will another girl ever like me again?”

Oh how you’re so wrong, Bree thought. “Sure, sure. Don’t come crying to us when you realize she’s using you.”

The days dragged on with absolutely nothing interesting. Bree honestly wanted to shoot her eyes out. Bree wished she were home. She wished she were with her old friends, and with her family. When everything was perfect and her family wasn’t broken apart. Those years when her parents were happy together… It was all just a memory now.

Finally the day was over, and she could rest in her room. Bree didn’t want to talk to anyone. Her aunt and uncle were away, so no one would question her. Bree threw herself on her bed, turning her music up real loud. Maybe she could take a nap.

There was a light knock on her door, making Bree groan. She knew it was Mikey, because Gerard wouldn’t even bother.

“Hey, um, Bree?” Mikey asked. “We’re going to order a pizza, okay? It’ll be here in forty five minutes. Um, do you want anything else?”

“For you to leave me alone,” she muttered. Bree said louder, “Nah, I’m fine.”

She heard the retreating steps, and slammed her head back on the pillow. Bree slowly drifted to sleep, and knew somehow she would regret it.

”Bree, honey,” the woman’s voice called. “How are you doing, sweetie?”

Bree smiled, realizing it was her mother’s voice. “Hi, Ma. I’m doing alright. I miss you lots. How are you?”
The woman smiled sadly. Her blue eyes were piercing against her red hair, with scattered freckles on her face. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a dark grey shirt. She held out her arms and embraced her daughter in a hug.

“Breanna, sweetie,” her mother sighed. “I need you to know a few things before I leave…”

“Mom, are you leaving? Are you dying?” Bree’s voice was full of panic, as she pulled away from her mother’s embrace.

The woman didn’t answer. “Shh, Bree, everything will work out. I need you to know that I love you so very much. I love you more than anything, sweetie. Never forget that.”

Bree nodded. “I love you too.”

“Breanna Lynn Rush,” her mother addressed Bree with her full name, “it’s your job to save them before it’s too late.”

Bree didn’t exactly know what that meant, but she nodded. “Mom, please, are you leaving?”

The woman nodded sadly. “I love you so much, dear. I, I’m very ill, darling, I won’t make it much longer.”

“No!” Bree shrieked. “Mommy, you can’t leave! You.. just can’t..”

“Wake up,” her mother said. “Wake up.”

Bree shot up, making her cousin jump. She breathed heavily, trying to make sense of what happened. It didn’t make sense. Was her mother really ill?

“Jesus Christ, Bree,” Mikey said. “Trying to punch me in the face?”

“What are you doing in my room?” Bree snapped.

Gerard laughed, and Bree looked over to see him leaning on the doorframe. “Just so you know, food’s here. We tried to wake you up, but you were passed out like a light. And you were screaming. Bad dream?”

Bree nodded. “Like you wouldn’t believe…” It's your fucking nightmare
I'm sorry if it's like shit... Oh, and the MCR concert was absolutely amazing.
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