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Chapter 13

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Katie: I'm a nightmare, a disaster..That's what the always said. I'm a lost cause, not a hero. But, I'll make it on my own; I'm gonna prove them wrong. It's me against the world.

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Okay, now this is what I call a crappy filler. I honestly didn't have a clue what to write at all for Katie.. I was listening to Simple Plan (Me Against the World, to be exact) and I came up with this..]
Thursday June 2nd 5:38 PM

Katie’s father had returned home from work, just in time for dinner, made by her mother. What a cliché family picture. Her mother, father and older brother were all happily eating homemade dinner. And then Katie just ruins the “perfect family” façade. She didn’t have great grades, compared to Andrew’s. She, as her grandmother once said, wasn’t “right.”

As her mother called her name a second time, Katie sighed, dropping her pencil. She went downstairs, sitting in her normal spot at the dinner table. Chicken for dinner, again. Katie was getting really sick or chicken, really fast.

“Have you started studying for your regents?” Her mother asked.

Katie looked up. “Um, no. They’re not until the middle of June. I don’t need to study, yet.”

Andrew scoffed form across her. “Kaitlin, you should have started studying months ago. What is it? History and math?”

“And Chemistry. Also, it’s called American History and Trigonometry,” Katie said with much annoyance.

“Kaitlin,” her father scolded. “Your bother is right; you should have been studying.”

Katie swallowed her bits of chicken in her mouth. “Well, it’s called I have other homework, sports, and one thing Andrew doesn’t have… A LIFE!”

Her mother merely laughed. “Honey, softball isn’t exactly an accomplishment. It’s a sport for lesbians. And in all honesty, your grades are terrible. I suggest you quit the team, and spend more time in education.”

“No,” Katie declared. “I’m not quitting for some fucking grade that means nothing to me. So long and good-fucking-night.”

Katie stormed upstairs to her room, breathing heavily. Her parents probably wouldn’t even notice if she ran away. She’s almost the legal age, anyway. Just a little more than six months. Truthfully, she should be a senior, but thanks to a December birthday, she was pushed behind a year, and is a junior. But, she had run away before, and would do it again in a heartbeat. There is just on problem called the police. They brought her in last time, thinking she was a prostitute. Her parents didn’t even know she was gone.

She absolutely loathed her parents. They couldn’t accept what she liked. But, neither can her friends. Katie secretly listens to rock and “screamo” music when they aren’t around. She loves wearing a lot of eyeliner and mascara, wearing Converse and skinny jeans. Katie loved going to concerts, too. She knew inside, she should be hanging with the Ways and that whole ensemble.

Katie always got along with Ray, since he had to repeat third grade, and was in her class in fourth grade. They got along nicely. One person changed their little friendship. Gerard. He didn’t want his friend to be taken away by a girl. He said some nasty things to her, to which he does not even remember to this day, and Katie and Ray didn’t speak much afterwards. Katie resented the others who were great friends, and there was no problem between them and Gerard.

Grabbing her iPod from her bag, Katie put on some of her favorite music. She sat in front of the mirror, toying with her hair, making ridiculous faces at herself. This only worked for a little while, where inside she was breaking down. Katie just wished she could be herself with real friends. She was great friends with Gia, Milly and Ameilia, but she always had to hide herself.

“You can’t be friends with Ray,” the slightly chubby, black haired fifth grader stated firmly. The fourth grader had just gotten on the bus, and he had stopped her.

“And who are you?” the small redhead asked. “And why do I care what you say?”

The fifth grader frowned. “It doesn’t matter. He’s MY friend. Not YOURS. So back off you little ginger.”

“I can be friends with whoever I want,” Katie said innocently. “And YOU can’t stop me.”

“I can, and I will. Just go back to your little friends. Stop being a little prick and stay away from Ray. You little soulless ginger, now get your fat ugly face out of here.”

Katie turned around and was about to go sit in the front of the bus when a little second grader bumped into her. He politely apologized and sat with the fifth grader. The second grader must’ve been brothers with the fifth grader, and greeted him by “Gee” and then “Gerard.” Katie sighed, sitting in the front of the bus, trying not to cry.

“Gerard,” Katie groaned. “Would you be happy if you know what you’ve done to me? That this is your entire fault. I’m just a fat soulless ginger, with no future. Thanks a lot, asshole. Now, I have no real friends. I’m fake.”

She talked to herself, screamed, and then carried on with her homework. At around 11:30, she received another panic call from Gia. This is the third time this week. Katie told her to go sleep therapy or something, but would Gia listen? No. Why? Because, she had a “rep” and didn’t need therapy.

Katie sighed into the phone. “Gia, I don’t know what to tell you. You need therapy, and just forget about your high school reputation for just one minute. I’m really worried about. Please think about it. I’m going back to sleep. Goodnight.”

She hung up before Gia replied, tucking her phone under her pillow, trying to sleep once again. Tossing and turning, Katie knew sleep wouldn’t come easy, again. Every night it was like this. She wished she had someone to call up at this late hour. Someone who would just understand how she felt.

Maybe, I could try to become friends with Monty… She seems nice. Possibly Jamie… Bree might be a good friend, too. She doesn’t know me… Well, she probably thinks I’m the second biggest bitch in the school… Maybe, just maybe, Ray and I can become friends again. I mean, Gerard is thankfully leaving after this year… But, they’re such a tight pack… I doubt that’d let me in… I guess I’m all alone. Forever.

Katie’s thoughts rambled through her head, trying to think of a Plan B that she should’ve had a while ago. Finally, what seemed like hours, Katie finally drifted to sleep.
Wow. I made Gerard sound like an ignorant little prick. :\ Next chapter is Gee, then Monty, then Emmy/Milly, Ray, Cari, Mikey and finally Jamie. And we'll see what happens from there :P

And if we die tomorrow, which I do not believe, I just want to say: I love you all, my beautiful reviewers. I really do. I would hug you all if I could. Thank you guys so freaking much.
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