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Chapter 14

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Gerard: Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright. Tell me that I won't feel a thing. So give me novacaine.

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Friday June 3rd 1:17 PM

“It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Fridayyyyy,” Frank sung as the eight had gathered outside for lunch.

“Frank Anthony Iero,” Gerard said, “if you don’t stop singing that god forbidden song, I am going to slap you.”

“Oooooooh! You got triple named, dude!” Mikey laughed at his slightly younger friend.

The two bickered, dragging the others into the pointless argument. Gerard groaned, clutching his head in his hands. His headache had not gone away, and he had it for almost four hours. Finally, though, it was Friday. This was also the weekend most of his friends went to their other parent’s house. Therefore, tonight, Gerard had two options.

Option one: Stay home and play video games. But what’s the point when Ray wasn’t going to be there? There was none. So, stay home and hang with Mikey, and most likely Jamie and Monty.


Option two: Go out to the club, have a drink, smoke some pot, maybe have a one-night stand. Increase the risk of getting caught… The possibility of getting grounded, and probably shunned by your own brother…


“What are you guys doing tonight?” Ray asked. “It’s going to be a boring night, without me there.”

“I have a court case tomorrow,” Cari said solemnly. “My parents filed the divorce, and I get to decide who to stay with. So, I’m going to sleep.”

“Have fun with that,” Bree said sympathetically. “Visiting my parents for the first time in two weeks.”

Gerard tried to drone them out. He didn’t care what they were doing at all. It was the same as two weekends ago. Ray was going to his dad’s; Frank was going to his mom’s; Mikey, Jamie and Mikey were hanging out. No one asked Gerard what he was doing, nor did he plan to tell him or her. The bell rang, signaling the end of eighth period. Ninth period, and then school was over.

“Its FRIDAY, FRIDAY!” Frank’s voice could be heard as the whole school dispersed into the parking lot or onto the buses. “IT’S FRIDAY, MOTHERFUCKERS!”

“STOP SHOUTING!” Gerard shouted back. “I CAN’T FUCKING TAKE IT! Just shut the fuck up!”

Frank, and the others, was taken back by Gerard’s outburst. Gerard was a usually calm person, but not today. His friends stared at him with shocked wide eyes, and Gerard realized that he was shouting, also.

“I… I’m sorry, Frank,” Gerard tried to apologize. “I.. I didn’t mean it. I’ve just.. Just had this headache all day and-“

“Save it,” Frank said. “I got to go, anyway.” Frank pointed to the small blue car, which was his mother’s, and jumped into the passenger’s seat, waving goodbye.

Gerard turned back to his friends, and sheepishly smiled. “I… Who’s coming with me?”

“No one,” Ray said. “Sorry, man, but we think you need to be alone. I’m going to my dad’s and dropping Cari home. But, Mikey, Jamie and Monty are walking to Monty’s house.”

Gerard nodded. “Okay… See you guys later then,” he said, walking towards his car. He turned back and said, “Mikey, if you need a ride home, just call or text…”

Mikey simply nodded, turning back to catch up with the girls. Gerard sighed, climbing into his car. He really hated himself sometimes. He was a terrible friend, a terrible brother, and a terrible son… Gerard flipped through the radio stations, finding absolutely nothing to listen to. He sighed, and pulled out of the school parking lot, and not going home.

Donna and Donald were both working, so Gerard knew the empty house would not miss him if he were gone for a few extra hours. Who knew when he would be home? Gerard didn’t, not did he care.

He pulled down an off road path, where only a select few knew where it was. This place was an old barn, which was been revamped into a little nightclub, 18+. Gerard, though, knew a guy who was able to get him in the club. This guy, Mark, knew a guy in Chicago who was able to create fake IDs. This is why Gerard has been able to get into clubs since he was sixteen.

Tonight, Friday, was a “two for one” drink special. Order one drink, get another free. It was perfect, really. It happened only the first Friday of every month. Gerard smiled remembering how much fun this use to be. He pulled in next to a black Mercedes.

Gerard got out of the car, like a movie star. With his black jeans, fitted tee shirt, leather jacket and sunglasses, he could definitely pass as a movie star. He thanked god the club had AC, because school was unbearably hot.

The beat was thumping, hearts pumping… Hips were swaying, feet were jumping… Drinks go round. Every thing's hazy… This club is crazy…

Gerard was ripped from his thoughts when someone tapped him on the shoulder before he had barely been twenty feet in the club. He spun around to see an old friend, also the security guard. They have never been on good terms, and he had to kick Gerard out last time for being under aged.

“Do I have to kick you out this time too?” The gruff man asked.

Gerard shook his head. “Nope. I’m eighteen, now. My birthday was in April.” He pulled out his real ID. “See!”

The man, who was only twenty-six, nodded. “I see. Well, have fun, kid.”

Gerard nodded, and walked towards the bar in the back. Lights flashed and moved around the room as fog machines spit plooms of smoke into the air. It was a full atmosphere especially on the dance floor. The mix of hip hop, R&B, and upbeat modern rock brought a very diverse crowd. Gerard found an open seat in the corner of the bar.

He was about to order a drink, when once again; someone tapped him on his shoulder. Gerard turned around, annoyed, to see a real old friend this time. Mark

“Mark! Man, haven’t seen you in a while,” Gerard grinned.

Mark smiled. He was about five years older than Gerard, with shirt brown hair, spiked up on the top, and piecing blue/green eyes. “Been a while, Gee. How’ve you been?”

“Eh, been better,” Gerard replied in all honesty. “Sorry I haven’t been back… Last time I came home and I smelt like booze and pot, and Mikey caught me. Promised him I wouldn’t do it again, but I need it, Mark.”

Mark made a notion to the bartender, who quickly whipped up two drinks. Gerard nodded in appreciation. Mark took his drink, saying he’d be back and needed to check on something.

Gerard sat at the bar, sipping his drink. Soon, another young man with dyed back hair similar to Gerard’s took the empty seat next to him. Gerard was worried this guy could potentially be an under cover cop or something. He was going to leave, when the man decided to talk to him.

“Hey,” the older man said. Gerard got a chance to look into his bright green eyes. “You look a little young.”

“No, no,” Gerard said nervously. “I’m twenty-one.”

The man chuckled. “Look, kid, I’m not a cop. Name’s Billie Joe.”

Gerard never believed that he would be meeting him in his entire life. “Gerard Way. Mind if I ask, but what the hell are you doing here?”

“Needed a drink,” the man explained. “We just stopped for the night, and I found out about this place, so I thought it’d be cool. Now, you’re not really twenty one, are you?”

Gerard shook his head slowly. “Eighteen, but if it matters, I’ve been drinking since sixteen.”

Billie nodded. “It’s all cool. I’m telling you this from the bottom of my heart, kid,” he leaned in and whispered in Gerard’s ear. “/Never let them take you alive.”/ Gerard wondered what that could possibly mean, now, but wasn’t able to talk. “Nice to meet you, Gerard. I best be going. See you in the future,” Billie Joe said with a wink, and then quickly exited the bar.

Gerard was thoroughly confused. He shook his head, putting his drink back on the table. Mark came back with a small bottle in his hand. Gerard took a deep breath, knowing he was able to talk now.

“Mark! What the hell did you put in my drink?” Gerard asked. “Cause I just talked to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.”

Mark looked at him like he was crazy. “Christ, Gerard. Too many drinks, yeah? Look, I think it’d be best if I drive you home. Oh, and I got something for ya.”

Gerard opened his hand as Mark placed the small orange bottle in his hand. “What is this?”

“Xanax,” Mark replied. “It’ll make you high as fucking kites. Swallow it for a later effect or crush and snort for s fast effect. Trust me, you need it. It makes everything feel alright, and you won't feel a thing.”

“Okay,” Gerard nodded, stuffing the bottle into his pocket. He was clearly buzzed. “Man, you got some pot?”

Mark led Gerard to the back, and Gerard recognized the familiar faces of Tom and Travis. Tom handed Gerard a joint, and tossed him the lighter. Gerard lit it, taking in the smell and the feel of it. After a few more hits, Gerard realized that he needed to go. He grabbed on to Mark’s arm, slurring words, and Mark nodded.

Gerard realized that Mark had to be the designated driver for Tom and Travis, because he didn’t see Mark have anything except for that one drink. Mark told Gerard that someone would drop his car off in the morning, Gerard nodded.

“Tha- Thank… Thank you! Mark, thank you, merci, for driver me, home,” Gerard tried completing the fragmental sentences. “I… I’ll see you,” he exclaimed, pointing to Mark, “next time. Bai bai.”

Mark rolled his eyes, watching the drunken senior make his way into his house, and then pulled out of the driveway. Gerard tripped over his own two feet walking in. He kicked his shoes off, and was going to pass out on the couch, but saw his little brother sulking at the TV.

“Mikkeyyy,” Gerard said, sitting next to him. “Mikkeyyy, what’s wrong?”

“I hate girls,” Mikey said, not even glancing at his brother. “They’re so fucking annoying.”

Gerard was still in his drunken stupor, and giggled. “Mikey, you used a bad word.”

Mikey looked over at his brother and rolled his eyes. “You’re fucking buzzed, Gerard. So, shut up.”

“Mikey what happened?” Gerard said, trying to be concern. He sat on his knees, snuggling closer to Mikey more than his liking. “Mikey. Mikey, you can tell me anything in the whole wide world, and I wouldn’t tell a soul.”

“Gerard. Gerard,” Mikey mocked. “You’re drunk and high. Just fuck off.”

“OH! OH! I KNOW!” Gerard shouted. “You and Jamie got into a fight.”

Mikey looked over to his brother, who looked like he had just won a million dollars. “How’d you know?”

“Cause you lurve her,” Gerard giggled. Mikey rolled his eyes. “Awh, don’t look at me like that. It’s not nice. Mikey, you just need to…to… You need a hug!” Gerard squeezed his brother, and Mikey thought he was going to squeeze the life out of him. Finally, he hugged Gerard back, and he let go. “Better now?”

Mikey put on a fake smile; just so Gerard would leave him alone. “Yes, much better.”

“Okie dokie,” Gerard smiled. “I’m going to sleep now, kay kay? Night, night, Mikey. Love you.”

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