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Telling You

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Sigh. I think I am obligated to tell you; this is the begining of the end.

Three years later.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Little Danny called out for me. He stummbled to walk in his new converse high tops, which were my doing.

"Yes my little sweetie?" I ask picking him up and hugging him.

"Lizzy hurt me!" He whined, showing me his boo boo that he could have easily gotten just by falling. He really is my son...

"I did not!" LIzzy came running, pouting at the adorible little fight. "I fell on a rock then fell on his and he got a cut! I didn't do anything!" Jeeze, these three years olds talk better than most 5 year olds.

"Danny is that true?" I ask the boy in my arms.

"Maybe..." He mumbles, digging into my shoulder. I laugh and pat him on the head.

"Auntie Dylan? Where's Daddy?" Lizzy asked me.

"Which one?" I still get a kcik out of that even though she only calls one of them daddy.

"Daddy Dante!" She said, getting a bit frustrated with me.

"He should be with uncle Aiden. Come on, we'll go check." I tell her as she reached for my hand. I walk with a child in my hand and with one right on my hand. I'm getting pretty good at this.

"Dante! Your child wants you!" I call, bringing the two small childern to the little work area that they've clear to talk about pack things. Allie, now 9 years old, damn she grew fast, was on a rock near by. She talks while I take care of the kids. I'd say shes more mature than I am.

Dante turns and smiles, crouching for her to jump into his arms. He raised her up above his head. She, as well as he, giggled and laughed. AW!

"And what about my little cub?" Aiden asked, coming and picking up Danny, giving him a huge hug.

"He's fine. What about your wife!" I screech. He smiles and give me a quick peck. I shake my head and take his fuzzy face for my own. Oh, I forgot to tell you. HE HAS A BEARD NOW! Grossest thing ever to kiss, I shall tell you that! "Babe, you need to shave that thing."

"Never." He sneers.

"Love you too." I mumble, getting a kiss on the cheek. I can't even enjoy the sweet motion since the devil beard tickeled my cheek.

"You know I love you!" He says. He leans down and kisses my neck. I giggle because of the small hairs on my neck. "See, I got you smiling."

"Not by fair play though." I remind him. He shakes his ead at me.

"Will you two shut up?" Ron asked as he was now holding Lizzy.

"Do we ever?" Aiden says.

"True. Okay all you little ones, time to go night night." Ron says. He's better at the little kid talk than I am. There was a unison wines of "No"'s. One might have come from me...

"Not you Dylan!" Ron whined.

"Oh yeah." I'm sorry I use to be the little one! Not my fault...

"Mommy too! Mommy too!" Danny chanted.

"No mommy! No mommy!" Aiden and I chanted together. Danny pouted.

I lay there on the cold stone know as my bed. Yes it has been years since I've met a real bed and when ever I do I knock right out, but I've actually been able to sleep on the rock.

I'm on my side facing the inner side of the other side of the rock. I'm covered with the only blanket in the pack and life is good. Then Aiden comes over and takes half the blanket.

"Why did you do that? I was comfy and warm. Uncool." I say, glarring at him.

"Because I wanted to tell you something aand eventually do something and it would be much better if we were covered."

I sigh. "What do you want to tell me?" I ask.

"I think we should make Danny a sibling."
I think I'll leave it there;) Well, like I said, there will be a small filler in the middle. Another major time laps, filler, maybe another filler, another major time laps, filler, end. And thats chosen wolf in a nut shell. And I was thinking about this; will you guys help me through my others? Like gardian angel? Because this one is the only one I've been remotly close to finishing since my very first book back when I was 11. You guys bring me through this all when my friends wont read it them selves! I love you all! ~JS~
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