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I don`t love you like I did yesterday

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Lindsey thinks Gerard is cheating and kicks him out. He goes to Mikey`s and admits he doesn`t love her and that he is actually in love with Frank. 1st story.

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“Lindsey, let me explain, please. It’s just a misunderstanding please just-“
“Who is it?! Who?!” she yelled, throwing some of my clothes at me, forcing herself to hold back the tears threatening to escape. All i could think was not this again.
“Linds, you don`t honestly think i-“
She glared at me, causing me to stop mid sentence. Clearly she did think that.
I tried again. “I haven’t cheat-“
“Shut the fuck up Gerard!” she threw more clothes. “Save your bull for someone else!”
I sighed. “Fine, if that’s what you want to believe.” I spat, gathering up the clothes and chucking them into a suitcase she threw at me moments before.
“Gerard, tell me who it is.”
I just shook my heads in defeat. “Linds-“
“Is it even a girl?”
That touched a nerve. We`d argued over this before. Lindsey, like so many other people (including Mikey) believed that I still had feelings for frank. Feelings that went beyond friendship.
Wait, did I just say still had? No, no way. Impossible. I never had feelings for frank. He never had feelings for me. Did he? No, gee that’s completely irrelevant, anyway even if he had nothing could ever of happened… wait what the fuck am I saying?!

“Just get out, Gerard! Get out!”
“What about Bandit? She’s my daughter too.” I stood in the doorway arms crossed. If Lindsey thought she was going to stop me seeing my daughter…
“She’s better off without someone like you!”
“Someone like me?!” I shouted. “Someone like me!”
“A freak, a waste off space, a good for nothing Faggot!” she screeched at me.
“Feeling better now?” I asked my voiced laced with venom.
“You didn’t even try to deny it.” Even though Lindsey was the one who said it she seemed shocked.
“Goodbye, Lindsey. Have a nice life.” I raised my right hand, waved once, flipped her off then stormed out the door suitcase in hand.
Mikey`s pov
It was half 11 at night and I was so sleepy. And my head hurt. And I was exhausted. Does that come under sleepy? Oh well.
“Mikey, your brothers at the door!” Alicia called.
I glanced at the clock that hung on the bedroom wall.
“Oh, yeah? Well you can tell that mother fu-“wait. Gees here? I looked at the clock again. At this time?
I smiled at my older brother. He looked mess. His bright red hair was dishevelled (even more so than usual) and he had bags under his eyes.
“Come in.”
He followed me into the living room and sat down.
For a few minutes we both sat there in silence. It wasn’t a comfortable silence.
“Can I stay here tonight, mikes?” he asked staring at the carpet. It was only now that I noticed his suitcase.
“Did you and Lindsey have another fight?” I asked gently.
He nodded. “She fuckin kicked me out. She thought I was cheating on her.”
“Were you?”
He looked up at me for a second not meeting my eyes and then very suddenly became interested in the muddy carpet again.
“Gee…were you?”
“No. but i…I don’t love her. Not enough anyway. And not in the way I should”
I nodded.
“Do you love someone else?” I think I already knew the answer.
I could have sworn I saw him quickly wipe a tear from his eyes, but it happened so fast I couldn’t be sure.
“Yes, I love someone else…” he whispered.
“Who Gerard?” again I think I knew the answer.
He shuffled in his seat, looked at me quickly then back down. “Please don’t hate me Mikey. Please.”
“Gee, you’re my older brother, I could never hate you. Tell me, please.” How could he think that id hate him. He was my brother, I loved him.
“Frank. I love Frankie.” He whispered it so quietly I could barely hear him.
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