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chapter three

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Is Frank`s marrige as happy as Gerard thinks it is? And what will happen when Frank calls Gerard at two in the morning?

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Franks pov
“Jamia shut the fuck up!” I had had enough. She was complaining, yet again. I came home 10 minutes late from shopping with Gee yesterday because we ran into a couple of fans. Deciding to be polite (a word that is most definitely NOT in her vocabulary.) we talked for a few minutes and gave them an autograph.
Last week I was late back from the studio. She complained. On Thursday I asked her where she was going at 11 at night, she complained that I was trying to control her entire life. The twins needed feeding, I got up to do it, she told me to sit down and then (guess what?) complained that I never do anything.
“I will not!” she yelled back. “It’s clear I mean nothing to you!” she stormed upstairs and returned about 15 minutes later with her suitcase. “I’m leaving. “
I noticed that the pushchair wasn’t with her. Neither were the kids.
“I’m going to my mothers.”
“Without the kids?” what kind of mother would leave her kids?
“Yes. You can do something for a change. All you care about is your stupid band!”
She slammed the door.
Upstairs I heard crying. “It’s alright.” I cooed. “Daddy’s here. I love you.” I picked them both up and got them their bottles. When they had finished I placed them in the pushchair, shoved a pair of shoes and left.
Where was I going? To see gee. He always knew what to do.
I knocked on the front door and waited. I glanced at my watch. I didn’t know it was that late. Maybe I should go.
Just as I turned to leave the door opened.
Only it wasn’t Gerard who opened it. It was Lindsey. Looking around I noticed his car wasn’t in the driveway. How had I not noticed?
“What do you want, frank?” she spoke in a disgusted voce.
“Come to see Gerard, have you? Well he`s gone.”
She went to close the door.
“Where?” I’d never liked Lindsey, even before they gotten married. And not just because she was with Gerard.
“I don’t know, and in all honesty I don’t give a damn.” She slammed the door in my face. I held my breath, hoping my daughters wouldn’t wake up and start crying. For once they didn’t.
I walked down the street, singing softly under my breath. Around 5 minutes later we came to a bench and I sat down. I searched my jean pockets for my phone and dialled Gerard’s number.
“Pick up. Please. “
Gerard pov
“What is that noise?” I asked myself still half asleep.
“Oh shit! Franks calling me!” in my hurry to get to my phone I fell of the sofa. “Oww…” I said rubbing my forehead.
“Hey, you awake?” seriously how stupid can you get?
“No, I’m skydiving at,” I looked at my phone for the time. “Two in the morning.”
“Where are you? You’re not at your house; I…erm sorta went round.”
“Mikey`s, where else?”
“Can…can I come round?” frank held his breath.
“Err…sure. But what about Jamia?” also known as the biggest bitch in the entire world. (Lindsey was 2nd)
“She’s gone to visit her mother for a while.”
“How long?”
“She, erm kinda left me.”
“oh.” Weird, he didn’t seem to upset about it. Oh well.
“So, I’ll be there in 10 minutes, kay?”
10 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I froze for a second, and then remembered it was Frank. Then froze again. What was I going to say? “Sorry your wife left you?” I wasn’t, he was better without her. I got to my feet and opened the door.
“hey.” He smiled at me. He had the twins with him. They were so sweet. When they were sleeping anyway.
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