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chapter four (already!?)

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Frankie is being a clutz, lucky Gee is there to help him up...

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Franks pov.
“Can…can I come round?” I asked, holding my breath. I didn`t want to go home, I wanted to see him. I needed to talk to him, desperately. Ever since we both got married things just hadn`t been the same. Sure, we still hung out and stuff, but our relationship was different, more…I don`t know. But it was different, definitely.
“Err… sure. But what about Jamia?” Gerard spat her name. I knew he didn`t like her but still…
Then again, the others didn`t like her and to be honest I couldn`t blame them. Jamia was horrible to them, how I`d never noticed it before I don`t know.
“she`s gone to visit her mother for a while.” Good riddance too.
“How long?” Gerard asked. I don’t know, forever hopefully.
“She, erm kinda left me.” And I was heartbroken, obviously.
“So, I’ll be there in 10 minutes, kay?”
I hung up and started making my way to Mikey`s. it was only a few minutes away, but it seemed to take a lot longer, probably because a certain someone wouldn`t get out of my head. (3 guesses who it was, I’ll give you a clue: not Jamia)
“hey.” Gerard smiled at me and then the twins who were both fast asleep.
He invited me into the living room and we sat down next to each other on the leather sofa. It was only then that I noticed what he was, or should I say wasn`t wearing.
“Put something on, idiot!” I yelled as I turned round to face the wall.
“What are you on ab-?” he looked down, realised he was only wearing his boxers and Misfits top, he blushed.

“God, am I really that repulsive that you can`t even look at me?” He joked, trying to get rid of some of the awkwardness. Sure make a joke about it gee, that’s all you ever do, it means nothing to you does it!?
“You can look now Frankie, I have my jeans on. Idiot.” He muttered the last word quietly under his breath but I still heard. And I wanted to be mad at him, but I couldn`t. Deciding to talk about something else, I picked up a framed picture that hung on the wall in front of me. “This is pretty good, did Bandit draw it?” it was a painting of everyone; it was actually good for a kid that had only just started school not too long ago. Then again, she did have Gerard for a dad.
“Yep. She did for Mikey`s birthday.” He walked over to stand by me. “She’s a real good kid.” I looked over my shoulder and nearly had a heart attack. I didn`t know he was standing that close to me! I jumped back, tripping over my feet.
“Careful.” Gerard laughed as he grabbed my arm and pulled me up.
We both stood there for a moment looking at each other, him still holding on to my arm. Then he smiled shyly at me and let go. What the hell just happened? N…nothing! I’m over reacting! Nothing happened; Gerard simply helped me up after I fell over. (Because of him, I might add).
“Do ya want a drink?”
“A drink. Ya know liquid?”
“Please.” I said somewhat sarcastically. He went into the kitchen and I sat back down, cheeks slightly red.
Gerard’s pov.
Shit. Shit. Shit. What did I just do???!!! And why?! He’s gonna think I’m some sorta freak!!
When I had calmed down (and stopped blushing) I walked back in with the drinks and placed them on the glass coffee table.
“Thanks, Gee.”
“We should probably go sleep, its 3:15am”
I yawned and agreed.
Frank got up off the couch, grabbed a few cushions and lay down on the floor.
“What are you doing?” I asked, confused.
“There’s only one couch and I can’t sleep sitting upright.” He explained, pointing at the two chairs.
“Well,” I began, already blushing slightly. “We could, ya know…just both sleep together.”
Frank looked up at me.
“O...on the couch I mean!” I shouted embarrassed.
“Y...yeah.” he stood up, blushing. Why was he blushing?
“I…I mean we`ve done it before.”
It took me a few seconds to understand what he was saying. “Y…yeah. Back in the early days of the band before we got bunks, we`d all pretty much have to sleep on top of each other.” I laughed awkwardly, still blushing furiously.
Frank lay down on the couch next to me. Note to self kill Mikey and Alicia tomorrow for not getting a bigger couch.
“Errm…Frankie?” I began nervously.
“I…It`s just that your crushing my arms and I have no where to put them and I was just wondering if… but it’s ok if you say no I was just…” Great. When I’m nervous I babble a lot.
Luckily Frankie found it funny. “Sure gee. You can put your arms round me.” He turned his head round slightly to face me. When he spoke his breath tickled my neck. “Just try to resist the urge to strangle me, kay?”
“Kay…” I sighed mentally. THAT wouldn`t be a problem…
“Night Gee…” he said before dropping off to sleep.
“Night Frankie.” I whispered back. Love you…
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