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Just gonna give you guys a few options and I would love it if you gave me your opinions.

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So.....I like hearing what people think and what their ideas are so please let me know, kay?
What do you think should happen in the story? I already have a few scenarios (spelling?) in mind, but just want to know what people would like best. (still shocked anyone likes it at all. are you sure your reading the right thing?)
I was thinking of putting a bit in about Lindsdey and Jamia (How they feel about everything. Their reactions when they find out about Frankie and Gee e.c.t) And what about their kids? Should there be a bit of a fight between them all about custody over them and stuff? I was also thinking about doing some flashbacks (everyones pov. So stuff like the weddings and other stuff) Also, how does everyone else react? What about the fans and the media? And normally in this stories when they finally get together something bad happens,do you want a tradgedy to happen? Or should I just quit or something?
I`m really interested as to what you all think, so please be honest as I want people to like the story.
Xoxo dakota.
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