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Chapter five

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What happens the next morning when everyone wakes up? Frank finds out Lindsey kicked Gerard out.

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Next morning.
Mikey`s pov
I felt something, or someone gently prodding my side. It didn’t hurt, and I was too tired to tell whoever it was to stop it. I rolled over, trying to get away from it.
“Mikey, sweetie, time to get up.” Alicia. Of course. “Five more minutes.” I mumbled still half asleep.
“Gerard, will probably be awake by now and wanting to talk to you.” She got up of the bed and chucked me something to wear. I gave up. Alicia was going to drag me out of bed if she had to.
“What time is it?” I said sitting up, running a hand through my hair.
“Just after eleven.”
Ha! Gee, awake? Not a hope in all of hell. I doubted even a cup (or 6 cups) of coffee would be enough to make Gerard drag himself out of bed at this time.
Franks pov.
Mmmm…that felt nice. I glanced over my shoulder to see that gee`s arms where still wrapped round me. I was kinda shocked last night when he first asked, but hey, I wasn’t going to complain. I mean, I know I shouldn’t have agreed - it was pointless getting my hopes up when I knew he didn’t share my feelings but…
“Frankie?” I heard him quietly whisper in my ear. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from giggling-that tickled.
“Yeah, gee?” I saw him smile slightly like he always did when I called him that. I`m sure he smiles when everyone called him it, but I liked to pretend it was because I was saying it.
“Never mind.” He yawned. “I was just going to ask if you were awake yet.”
“Yeah, Frankie?”
“Why do you still have your arms round me?” I don`t know why I asked, it just slipped out. I hoped he wouldn’t take offence or anything.
“Well, I...errr…umm…er…” it was cute the way he was blushing and stuttering, almost like he was embarrassed. Which he wasn’t of course.
“Never mind.” I said, snuggling closer to him, hoping he wanted notice.
Gerard’s pov.
“Hey bro! Morning. Just came to see if you were okay. Alicia`s in the-“Mikey walked in the room, saw me and frank lying on the couch together (me with my arms still wrapped around him.) and paled.
“What the fuck?!”
Please don`t say anything to weird him out Mikey. I pleaded with my eyes. Mikey seemed to have got the message and his look of pure horror turned into a smile. (Personally I think it was more of a smirk, but Frank didn’t seem to notice.)
“Comfy, Gee, Frankie? What are you doing here anyway?”
We were both blushing furiously as we sat up.
“Frank came round last night.” I began to answer for him.
“Me and Jamia had a bit of a disagreement.” I scoffed. Frank and Mikey looked at me and quickly faked a bad cough.
“Wow, bro. that sounds real bad. You might want to get checked over by a doctor of something if it gets worse.”
“Hi Sweetie, Gerard…Frank?!” Alicia had just entered the room, drying her hair off with a blue towel. She gave me a knowing look before going over to kiss Mikey`s cheek and sat down next to him.
“Fight with Jamia?”
He nodded. “She left me…wait, how do you know?”
Mikey wrapped his arm round her. “Alicia knows everything. It can get a bit annoying really…” he teased.
“Not everything. It’s just frank looks like Gerard did last night, when Lindsey kicked him out.”
Franks jaw dropped. “Lindsey kicked you out!? I mean, I kinda guessed you had an argument but…”
Well, shit. Something tells me I forgot to mention that.
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