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Chapter six

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The twins need feeding, Mikey and Alicia go shopping and Lindsey has a mysterious visitor..

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Just a little note before the story.Thank you for telling me I forgort about the twins, I meant to write that they were fed before they went to sleep and in this chapter Alicia reveals that she woke up and fed them. ( I can`t believe I forgot!! I should never have kids whne I`m older!) I know someone said they do not want a pov in Lindsey`s or Jamia`s pov, but technically the bit at the end isn`t and you kinda need it so the next chapters can happen. ( You`ll find out soon enough) Thanks or reading the story, it really means a lot(you really can`t imagine the big smile on my face when I read all the !POSITIVE! reviews) and also, if you have read this incredibly long note, thank you!
Franks pov
“Lindsey kicked you out?! I mean, I kinda guessed you had an argument but…”
I trailed off, not knowing what to say. Not really trusting myself to speak either, knowing me, I would probably say something I shouldn’t.
Gerard just looked at me, his expression blank.
Mikey and Alicia were sitting awkwardly on the on the couch next to us. “Well, me and Mikey have shopping to do.” She smiled at us. “Need anything?” well, no that you mention it Alicia, yeah. Top of the list, a new brain, seeing as the one I was born with wasn’t any use. And some baby stuff would be pretty useful to seeing as…
“Oh shit!” I screamed, running over to the pram where my two beautiful daughters were sleeping. I quickly made up two bottles and woke them up.
“I’m the worst dad on earth!”
“No you’re not.” Gerard tried to reassure me. I nearly jumped when I felt him place his hand on my shoulder. He looked at his hand for a second, as though shocked at what he had done and quickly moved it.
Gerard`s pov
Shit, why did I just do that?!

I turned away from him quickly, hoping he wouldn`t see how embarrassed I was... “You fed `em last night before we went to sleep and-“
Alicia walked over, a huge smirk on her face. Mikey just sat on the couch, a bemused look on his.
“And I fed them this morning, before anyone woke up.” She smiled at the two babies who were happily being fed.
“Thanks Alicia. But, how did you know we were here?” Frank put down the twins down for a moment, gave her a quick hug and picked them up again.
She just kept on smiling and didn’t answer.
“Can you get us some baby stuff from the shops?” Frank asked, sitting down next to Mikey, a twin in each arm.
“careful.” I ran over as I saw what he was about to do. “Sometimes when you try to burp babies they-“
Too late. The guilty baby smiled at her daddy and giggled. Well, it was almost a giggle.
Mikey moved away from the sick cover frank with a disgusted look on his face. “Alicia, do I have any-“
“No, Mikey.” She sighed. “Frankie and the couch got the worst of it.” She spoke calmly, as though the fact that the couch was covered in baby sick didn’t bother her. “I never did like that couch anyway. It wasn’t very comfortable.”
“It wasn’t too bad.” Everyone, including Frank turned to look at me.
“Well I’m gonna go clean baby puke, of my…” he paused. “Everywhere.” He glanced over at his daughters, which were now being cuddled by Alicia.
“Mikey, go get frank something to change into.”
“Come on.” I watched as Mikey and frank walked out the room. Alicia put the twins down, waited until she heard them shut the bathroom and bedroom door and stood up. She walked over to the living room door and quietly closed it over.
“Sooo…Gee. What happened last night?”
I just shrugged and tried to cover my red cheeks with my equally red hair. “Lindsey kicked me out, I got a call from frank saying Jamia left him and he came round. Simple.”
“Don’t give me any shit, Gerard.” She said with such power and authority in her voice that if it wasn’t her, I would probably have been a bit scared.
“What happened with you and Frank last night?”
Nothing. Sad-i mean obviously. “Nothing.”
Alicia rolled her eyes. “You need to tell him.”
“Keep your voice down, the twins are sleeping again and do you really want Frank to come down and-“she smirked. “Keep yelling, Gee.”
“Hey, what’s going on down here? Are you okay, Gee? I heard you yelling.”
Alicia was about to say something. I gave her my best “speak and your dead” look, but she ignored me.
“Frankie!” she smiled warmly at him. “We were just talking about you.”
He glanced over at me, an expression I couldn’t quite place, on his face. It was a mix between hopefulness, surprise and…sadness?
“You were?” he asked in a casual voice. Oh, screw that, in a voice that was trying to be casual.
Alicia nodded. “Well, like I said earlier, me and Mikey have shopping to do.”
She stood up, grabbed her bag and keys and went to the hallway to find a pair of shoes.
“Soo…you’re not covered in baby puke anymore.” I spoke trying to make conversation. The silence in the room was just to awkward.
“Sooo…” I cursed myself mentally. “Sooo?” could my conversation skills get any worse. I was a grown man for fucks sake!
“Sooo.” Frankie smiled.
“Hey, has Mikey come down yet?”
“We thought you`d left.”
“No, I’m waiting on him to do his hair.” She sighed and sat down in between us. Bitch.
“What do you need from the shops?” I asked, again, the silence filling the room was awkward.
“Shoes, Clothes, Food, Baby junk.” She looked at Frank. “Mikey wants a new CD.” I nodded. Typical. “Umm… what else? Make-up, a new toaster, I need my hair cut-”
“A new toaster?”
I just nodded and began to explain to Frank about the unfortunate relationship between my brother and toasters.
“Ready yet, Alicia?” called Mikey running down the stairs, searching for his shoes. In one hand he had his car keys, in the other his wallet.
“For about an hour.” She hugged us both and exited the living room. "I`ll be waiting outside.”
Mikey came running in, frantically searching for his shoes. “Have you seen my- there they are!” he shoved them on.
“While we`re gone, try not to destroy the house, it was pretty expensive and we`re pretty fond of it, kay?”
I glared at him. What cheek he had. “Sure Mikey, we won’t put any forks in the toast-“
He flipped me off and then left me and frank sitting there trying out best not to laugh.
Normal pov.
Meanwhile, at Lindsey and Gerard’s house, Lindsey was waiting on an important visitor. Bandit was at a friend’s so she was on her own.
“Coming!” she yelled, getting up to answer the door.
“Do you have what we need?” she asked the visitor. The vistor smiled evilly and entered the house.
“yes.” She shed her rain coat (it was tipping it down outside.) and placed down a few sheets of paper on the table in the living room.
“We are going to ruin them.”
Well that was the longest chapter I`ve ever written for 1 of my stories on here. Was the chapter too long? Please tell me what you think. Xoxo Dakota
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