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Chapter seven

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Who was the mysterious visitor? Gerard goes to see Bandit, but why is Lindsey makingit so difficult for him? And just what is she planning? (eh I don`t even know? Its not like I`m the auth-Never mind)

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So this is shorter than the other, but I just wanted to get it up and I wrote it at 2am, (Insomnia strikes again) so its proobably not too great. Just filler really but it will get better(I hope). Erm...and just for the sake of the story Bandit it in reception class(so she`s about 5ish) Also, it may seam as though I dislkie Lindsey or Jamia, I DON`T!!! I`m just crazy, kay? And the next chapter for Danger Days:Bob`s story will probably be up tomorrow somepoint. I`m at my frinds, but will try and get it on when I get home. XOXO Dakota
Normal pov.
Meanwhile, at Lindsey and Gerard’s house, Lindsey was waiting on an important visitor. Bandit was at a friend’s so she was on her own.
“Coming!” she yelled, getting up to answer the door.
“Do you have what we need?” she asked the visitor. The visitor smiled evilly and entered the house.
“yes.” She shed her rain coat (it was tipping it down outside.) and placed down a few sheets of paper on the table in the living room.
“We are going to ruin them.”
Lindsey nodded, reading what was written on the paper. “Definitely. “
“when`s Bandit due back?”
Lindsey shrugged. It was very clear that she couldn’t care less. “An hour or two.”
The visitor bit her lip and frowned. “That doesn’t give us much time.”
Lindsey smirked. “Oh, but, dear, we`ll have all the time in the world.” The two women started laughing; they even had to wipe away a tear from their eyes.
An hour later.
“Mummy, mummy!” yelled Bandit happily, as she ran into the room. She chucked her school bag on the floor and kicked of her black and pink Velcro shoes. “I’m home! It was sooo cool-We listened to music and watched TV and then we-“
“Yes, sounds lovely.” Lindsey said in a bored tone of voice.
Bandit continued smiling, unaware that her mother had no intrest in what she was saying. Either that or she was used to being all but ignored by her.
“When’s daddy coming home?” she asked her mum, as she sat on the arm of the chair, beaming up at her.
Lindsey grinned, before quickly changing the grin into a look of severe sadness. Bandit seemed oblivious. Perfect. “Never.” Lindsey tried not to smile as she watched her 5 year old daughters smile fade away.
“W...what do you mean mummy? Has the tour started already?” Bandit did the math again in her head. Daddy had said the tour started in five weeks… four weeks ago. She added up the numbers of days in her head again.
“No. he told me he was leaving, for good. He told me that he didn’t love me anymore. Or you.”
Bandit, being a young child believed every word her mother told her.
Seeing the tears in her eyes, Lindsey pulled her in for a hug.
Next day. Gerard’s pov.
“Gee, are you sure you want to do this?” Mikey asked, handing me a jacket.
“Yes, for fucks sake Mikes. Bandits my daughter, not just Lindsey’s. I know she kicked me out, but she can’t deny me the right of seeing my daughter.” I said, finishing tying up the laces of my shoes. I slung the jacket over my shoulder and walked out the door.
“Gee, wait!” I paused, expecting to see Mikey running after me. It was Frank. My stomach did an odd flip.
“Hey, want me to go with you?”
It was nice of him, it really was, but what was gonna happen? Lindsey, despite being a bit of a bitch, was an adult. Although things between us weren’t so good, I was sure she would at least be civil towards me and let me see Bandit. Well, that was the plan anyway…
“I’m good, thanks anyway.”
“No problem.” He turned and walked back into the house, seeming a bit…disappointed? Nah, he’s probably just tired or something. “But he was fine a minute ago” said the little annoying voice in the back of my mind.
Mikey`s house was only a little way away from mine, so it didn’t take long at all for me to get there.
I arrived just in time to see someone leaving the house.
“Out of the way, Fag.” Said the person as they bumped into me. I instantly recognised the voice as Jamia`s. wasn’t she supposed to be away at her mother’s?
“Oh, fuck of, bitch.”
She glared at me. “Think you’re so cool, eh? Well guess what? You two are perfect for each other. Two fucking weirdo’s together.” She stormed off, leaving me feeling rather confused.
Shrugging off what she said, I took a deep breath, and knocked on the front door.
A very irritated Lindsey answered.
“Hey, I came to get the last of my stuff and to say hi to Bandit.” I went to enter, but Lindsey blocked me.
“Here’s the last of your shit.” She spoke venomously and handed me a large black bin bag. “Bandit doesn’t want to see you.” She turned to shut the door, but I grabbed hold of her arm.
“What do you mean, “She doesn’t want to see me”?”
Lindsey grinned. “You’ll see, Gerard.” She spat my name. “You’ll see.”
She tried to move her arm, but I gripped it tighter, probably leaving a red mark. “Tell me now.”
My patience was running thin, way thin.
“Let go of my arm, then I’ll tell you.” Did I trust her? No, but I needed to know what the twisted bitch was planning.
“fine.” I realised her arm. “Tell me.” I glared at her, arms crossed and fists clenched.
“Let`s, jut say, I don’t think you and Frank should be planning a relaxing honeymoon just yet.” She smirked, and slammed the door in my face.
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