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If you like this story, I would apreaciate some opinions.(Again.)

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I know, I`m very annoying. You are probably all thinking something along the lines of "just hurry up with the story!" But, like I mentioned previously,I want readers to like the story and have their say in what they do/definetly don`t want to read.
So, someone said that they liked Alica, what are your opinions on finding out a bit more about what she thinks about everything? Basically, should she have a small pov?
And people want to know what Lindsey is up to, right? Well, you`ll find out as soon as I do. Just a quick question, how mean/evil do you think she should be? I mean, realistically.
I don`t know if I mentioed it previously, but I want to be a Lawyer and am thinking about a court case type thing(I`ll be an amazing Lawyer!) What are your opinions on this? I`m not talking about a murder trial, but something about a nasty divorce or custady over Bandit. Also, someone said flashbacks are a good idea, so stuff like Gerard`s and Frank`s wedding, anything else?
NOTE. I do listen to what you guys say, but if it is completly different to what I had planned,or doesnt fit in, I will go with my idea anyway.( I may edit it though) No offence or anything and I hope you don`t dislike me for it.
ANOTHER NOTE. I mentioned earlier that I don`t hate Jamia or Lindsey. Please keep that in mind, that is all I`m asking.
Xoxo Dakota.
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