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Chapter eight

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Gerard goes to confront Lindsey, but when he fails to return, Mikey, Frank and the others get worried.

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Gerard`s pov.
What the fuck was THAT supposed to mean? I stood staring at the closed door for a minute.
“Get off my property!” Lindsey yelled from an upstairs window. I don’t know what happened, but something inside of me snapped.
“Oh yeah?!” I snarled. “YOUR property?!” She was really pissing me off, I`d paid for most of the house.
“Yes, mine! Now get away before I call the cops!” she threatened, holding up the new mobile that I had bought her last month.
“Fine!” I yelled. “I`ll go, but not before I see Bandit.” Something wasn’t right, usually when we were fighting, Bandit would run downstairs screaming for us to stop, tears running down her face.
“She doesn’t want to see you, fag!”
“Call, me what you want, Bitch.” Even from down here, I could see she wasn’t happy about that; her eyes narrowed and I was sure I could see her fists clench.
“But you’re the one who married me.” I continued, shaking slightly with anger. She didn’t like that even more. I knew I was just going to make it worse for myself, but I couldn’t stop.
“And, had my kid.” I know I should have just kept quiet when I saw the smug, evil look on her face.
“Sure `bout that freak?” I froze for a second. Was she implying that Bandit wasn’t my…? No, Bandit was my daughter, and even if she wasn’t…but she was, wasn’t she?
Lindsey was clearly enjoying this, she wore a mix between a smirk and an evil, menacing grin and she was laughing at my shocked expression.
“She’s not yours, Gerard. “She shut the window and drew the curtains, leaving me staring at the window in disbelief. Bandit, my amazing, perfect daughter, wasn’t mine…
Mikey`s pov.
What the fucking hell was taking him so long?! I glanced at the clock on the wall again. Gerard had been gone over four hours. I was really starting to worry. Had Lindsey done something? Was Bandit okay? I was going out of my mind!
“Mikes, chill. He`ll be back any minute.” I smile at ray; he’d arrived not long after Gerard had left. Turns out he’d been trying to contact him all day and guessed he was either here or at Franks.
“Do you really believe that?” with each minute that went by, I could almost feel my heart sinking slowly, inch by inch.
Ray just sighed and shook his head, causing his hair to go everywhere. “I don’t know. You know Gerard better than anyone.”
“He`ll be fine, sweetie.” I was really going to have to say something to Alicia about calling me that in front of everyone. I thought to myself, watching from the corner of my eye as Ray tried to suppress a giggle.
“Franks out looking for him, he`ll find him.” She placed her hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me. For once it didn’t work, all I could think was that my brother was out there, possibly hurt. I know it may sound like I am overreacting, as he has only been gone-I look at the clock again. The hands on it seem to be taunting me.
“Nearly six hours.” Maybe he and Lindsey made up. Yeah, and purple and pink spotted pigs will fly…Well, maybe he`s at the park with Bandit…
“Alicia’s, smart Mikey. Frank will definitely find him. Hell, he’s probably found him already.” Ray smiled, at the two of us, but mostly me. Despite how he was acting, I knew he was just as worried as I was.
“I hope your right. If I found out that bitch has said something to him that makes him…do something to himself, I`ll …I`ll…” truthfully, I didn’t know what I’d do. All the plans I had weren’t legal, plus, I didn’t have the guts to carry them out anyway.
Back at Gerard and Lindsey`s house.
“Mummy, I heard shouting.” The little girls face was stained with tears and her eyes were red and puffy. She was clutching a teddy to her chest so tightly; it was as though it was the most precious thing in her world. And it was one of the most precious things she owned. Her dad had bought her it when he was away on tour.
“It was nothing. Go to bed.”
“it`s 5 o clock.” Bandit scrunched her face up, thinking of a reason why she shouldn’t have to go to bed. . “But its light. And a weekend.”
“Bandit, just do as say.” Catching sight of the teddy her only child was holding, Lindsey`s face dropped. How DARE she still have that ratty old thing?! She had told her to get rid of it weeks ago.
“Bandit, how about we go shopping? Your right, it IS a weekend.” Bandit looked up at her mum, wide eyed.
“I can even buy you a new teddy. You can’t want that old thing, it’s ancient.” The young child just clutched the teddy tighter.
“Daddy got me him!” she screamed. “And he has a name.”
Lindsey was going to scream in a minute if the kid didn’t shut up. “”what, may I ask is its NAME?” she spoke through her clenched teeth.
Bandit looked down, unsure as to whether she should answer. She didn’t want mummy to yell at her again.
“Frankie.” She whispered.
“WHAT!” Lindsey was definitely going to get rid of that teddy now.
“Frankie” Bandit repeated, feeling slightly more confident. “After Daddy`s best friend.”
Lindsey was absolutely livid. “Frankie?” the child just nodded and clutched the slightly worn teddy tighter.

“Bed. Now.”
“But you said we could go shops.” Wailed Bandit, shocked at her mother’s tone of voice and sudden change of mind.
“NOW!” she yelled at her 5 year old daughter, who was fighting back tears.
“Do as I say!”
“I want Daddy!” Bandit ran upstairs into her room, half blinded by salty tears.

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