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Starbucks Coffee And... All About Me?

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The guys go for coffee and question Alex

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After we got and paid for the coffees we sat down at a table in the corner trying to avoid everyone else, which is hard when the four people you're with are at least semi-famous. We engaged in meaningless chatter and had arguments over the best songs, best bands, best superheroes you know nerd stuff basically.

"Hey so Alex tell us about yourself!" Gerard suggested. "Sure I guess. Um well my birthday is 17th December so I'm a Sagittarius. I'm 27 years old. I'm currently single. My last name is Smith. I have a younger sister called Lucy, she's 19, no brothers. My mum is called Anna, my dad is called John. My best friends are Adam and Sophia they're both my age. Um what else should I tell you?"
"Well we know your music tastes, your film tastes, love of comics and video games-" I cut Gee off "Which I suck at"
"Probably not as bad as me" he continued "Erm so tell us... I don't know about your school life? Or some shit like that."
"Okay. Well I hated school, but then again who doesn't? I was one of the unpopular, outcast sort of people and I honestly loved every minute of it! I had a group of people who liked me for who I was not who I wasn't. I didn't skip class because I'd have got in shitloads of trouble for it and would have lost my pocket money for like forever so yeah more trouble than it was worth. I was liked by teachers because they thought I was the quiet hardworking type but I never did homework, always copied it off a friend or some shit like that. I loved art, drama and sociology loads but I hated maths, english and RE sooo much but Spanish was worst! I mean how the fuck are we meant to learn another language in only 2 fucking years!? In year 10 I accidentally tripped up the stairs and looked like a complete moron. I had a few disagreements with doors. Popular people hated me, I still don't care about that, but a few decided to beat me up. They broke my nose and a few ribs, I had loads of bruises, a busted lip, you know the usual. It happened during my last year though so me and my family saw no point in moving until I'd finished my GCSE's. So yeah that's basically it. Anything else you wanna know? I sort of don't have any questions for you guys obviously."

"Erm no not really." Ray mumbled. Wow talk about an awkward silence. Well it's YOUR fault you know.
Shut up mind.
Why should I? Just because YOU don't want to accept the truth.
Aren't we the same person?
We are yet at the same time we aren't.
What the fuck is up with the riddles!?
I cracked my knuckles. Getting pissed off by my own head? Not a good sign. "Hey Alex calm down what're getting so mad about?" Frank asked, I think the others had forced him to. I had forgot they were there... Oops. "The exact things that were driving me mad earlier." I responded, a little too sweetly, as I always do when I'm angry. "Oh right. As I said before I'm sure we" he gestured to the others " are worse."
"I don't think so" I said oh so sweetly again now adding a far to sweet smile to the mix. Mikey looked slightly freaked, understandably though because at this moment I probably looked like a psychopath about to go on a massacre.

I drained the rest of my coffee in an attempt to calm down which actually worked surprisingly well. I glanced behind the others, their backs were facing the front of Starbucks we thought they'd attract less attention that way which was a good idea but it hadn't worked. A group of Fangirls were staring at us pointing and looking very ecstatic. "Guys I think we should go" I murmured trying not to attract anymore attention to us than we had already. "Why? I'm fine here!" Gerard said sounding very high off coffee. Is it possible to OD on coffee? If it is he'd manage it. I mentally slapped myself why does my mind keep entering the mind-gutter? I have more important things to worry about! "Look I think we should leave NOW." I mumbled with more menace than I had intended on. "Uh sure okay. But can you tell us why at least?" Mikey said trembling and voice wavering slightly. "Fangirls" I replied instantly. "Aw shit again?" Frank groaned "Let's get going then." he sighed as we exited Starbucks. We ran back to the recording studio laughing as we escaped the Fangirls.
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