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Reid thinks that Morgan is going to break up with him.

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Chapter 1

The power had gone out, the only thing that Morgan kept picturing was his pretty boy huddled under the covers, shivering and probably trying to rationalize his fear. Morgan knew that Reid knew that nothing in the room had changed, he just disliked the dark, hated it, loathed it completely.

Morgan picked up his cell phone. He was at odds at what to do. On one hand, if Spencer was awake, his call could be the difference between Reid completely freaking out and being comforted and calm. On the other hand, if Reid was peacefully sleeping and blissfully unaware of what was going on. He knew that with the power being out he probably shouldn't be driving. As he got into his jeep, the only thing that he could think of was that he had to get to Spencer. Driving there was the only way that he could think of checking on him without waking him up if he was sleeping.

As he entered the small apartment he was amazed, as always, that it was as neat as it was. He knew that Reid was a bit of a neat freak that was a give in, once you took a look at his desk. It was always neat and orderly; everything had a place.

He quietly closed the door behind him. He crossed the living room and peeked into the bedroom. He had expected to see Spencer in bed; to say that he was surprised to find the bed empty was an understatement.

He frantically doubled back into the living room; practically tripping over his own feet as he walked into the kitchen. All he kept thinking was that if Spencer had been on his way to somewhere; it was going to be disastrous. He cursed himself for not thinking to check and see if Reid's car was there. If he had been on the subway when the power went off, that would be worse. He'd be trapped, underground, in the dark, crowded by strangers. There was no way that this was going to end well. He almost missed the figure standing in a corner of the kitchen. Before Morgan was able to fully comprehend what was happening he was face-to-face with his boyfriend's gun.

Spencer was terrified, but he wasn't shaking. It was adrenaline from waking up to someone going through his apartment and his FBI training keeping him steady. He had a voice in his head; that sounded strangely like Morgan. At times like this, it was that voice that kept him calm and forced him to focus, when he wanted to give up and panic.

Morgan didn't blame Spencer for pointing his gun at him. It made him wish that he'd brought his flashlight. At least then he could have used the flashlight to get Spencer to realize that it was just him and that there was no reason to panic. Morgan put both of his hands up, so maybe; Reid would realize that he wasn't in any danger and that he could put his gun away.

"Spencer, baby? Tell me you aren't going to shoot me."

Spencer put the gun on the table; almost as if it had burned him. He practically threw himself at Morgan. Morgan felt him shiver as his body and mind realized that he wasn't in any danger and let the tears that he'd been holding back loose.

"God, Morgan. You scared me."

Derek gently rubbed circles on Spencer's back. "I'm sorry baby. Let's get you back to bed."

Reid nodded. As they made their way to Spencer's bedroom Spencer stopped. "What are you doing here anyway?"

Morgan smiled as he snaked his arm around Spencer's shoulders and continued to steer him into the bedroom. "I was at home when the power went out. I wanted to make sure that you were alright." Even in the dark he could see Reid raise an eyebrow.

"Not to make fun of me?"

Morgan pulled the covers back on the bed and waited until he heard Spencer get in; then much to Spencer's surprise he got in after him. Derek made sure that they were both covered up before he pulled Spencer close to him.

"Are you going to stay with me?"

Derek smiled, "Of course." It wasn't long before Spencer was asleep. Morgan chuckled. He knew that Spencer was tired, but he also knew that his young lover would never allow himself to relax enough to fall asleep knowing that he was completely in the dark. But knowing that Derek was there and he would protect him; he was able to fall asleep.
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