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Chapter 2

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Reid still thinks that Morgan is going to break up with him.

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Derek was watching Reid work. He'd been watching him for almost an hour. He hadn't been sure of he was going to do what he'd set out to, that was, until last week.

During the power outage he'd spent the night at Spencer's. He'd spent the night before but that time had been different. That time he wasn't there for sex; he'd known that the reason he was there was to comfort and protect Reid.

The young doctor had fallen asleep in his arms. It was then that Derek had a not-so-startling realization. He realized that Spencer was the one he wanted to grow old with (if they didn't get killed on the job). Reid was the ying to his yang. So, he decided right then and there that he couldn't put it off any longer. Now he was nervous. It was almost quitting time and he still hadn't done it. If he didn't do it soon he would lose his nerve.

Spencer was trying his best to pretend that he didn't notice that Morgan had done nothing but stare at him. It gave him a very uneasy feeling; he couldn't help but feel as if something very bad was going to happen. He didn't know what he would do if Derek broke up with him. He figured, to make things easier for the two of them he would transfer to another department or he could always look into teaching.

He stood up from his desk, grabbed some files and headed up to Hotch's office. The files weren't really important or necessary but he didn't want to seem suspicious. The fact was that Hotch was the only other person that he and Morgan had told about their relationship. That's not to say that Garcia, Prentiss, J.J. and Rossi didn't know about it, they just hadn't been told. Spencer didn't think that they knew; he was under the false belief that they were doing a pretty good job of hiding their feelings for one another.

He knocked on the door once before opening it and stepping into the office.

"Shut the door." It was then that Hotch noticed that the door was already shut before the words ever left his mouth. "What's wrong Reid?"

Spencer also brought the files so that he would have something in his hands, when he got nervous he had a tendency to play with things. "I think that Morgan's going to break up with me. In the event that that happens I'd like to put in for a transfer."

Hotch put his hand up. "Reid, stop. You aren't going to need to put in for a transfer. Everything will be just fine."


"No. Now, go home. You look exhausted. Get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow."

Reid left Hotch's office, feeling numb. So now, if Morgan dumped him, which he was pretty sure was what was going to happen and probably happen soon; he was going to be stuck in the same office, same department as his soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend.

"That's wonderful." He muttered to himself as he yanked his chair back and all but threw himself into it.

Morgan was slightly alarmed but amused more than anything. He liked to watch Reid when he was nervous or upset. It was the little things he did, the way he played with the ends of his hair or the way he licked his bottom lip. Or the way that he organized and re-organized the objects on his desk; almost as if he didn't know what to do with himself, so he did that instead.

All of a sudden he stopped. Reid turned pale and started to shake every so slightly. How could he have forgotten? He and Morgan had a dinner date; it was a reservation that Morgan had planned months ago. Spencer sat down, by his own logic that meant that he'd been planning to break up with him for months.

Spencer felt the sting of his unshed tears. If that was true, had there been an alternative motive when the power had gone out? He stood up and numbly walked into the break room. He needed a cup of coffee, anything to get him out of the bullpen.

He stood in the break room adding sugar into his coffee. His nerves were a jittery mess and unlike most people; caffeine seemed to calm him when he was nervous. He blinked away the tears that he refused to let fall. It would not due to start crying in front of his co-workers and the other FBI Agents from other departments that were scattered throughout the bullpen. So he finished preparing his coffee, took a deep breath and calmly walked back to his desk.

Hotch in the meantime had called Morgan into his office. It was clear that their genius was bothered by something and wanted to make sure that Morgan took care of it before something really bad happened. By the time Spencer got back to his desk, Morgan was already calmly sitting at his own.

Derek was having a hard time believing that his pretty boy, the man who knew all of his darkest secrets and yet still acted like he was a worthwhile human being, thought that he was breaking up with him. Derek turned in his chair so that he was facing Spencer's desk. "Hey Spence, you ready for tonight?"

Spencer tried to swallow the lump in the back of his throat. For a few seconds (although to Spencer it felt like hours) he couldn't breathe. This was it. If he said that he was ready he'd be agreeing that their relationship had run its course and it was time to end it. "Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" He smiled; he was hoping it didn't look too forced. He distracted himself by drinking his coffee; he wanted to be over with as soon as possible.

Morgan saw the look of panic and sadness that Spencer gave him and he was tempted to give it away right then. But if this was going to work then he's have to wait.

Before Spencer even realized that any time had passed it was time to go home. He sighed, as he put the files that he would need for that night. He had a feeling that he'd have a lot of time to himself after dinner.

Morgan watched him pack up his stuff and compared to an inmate on death row going to the electric chair. His movements were slow, he was shaky. Morgan could tell that he was trying his best not to let it show. As Derek walked by he handed Spencer a note.

*I'll pick you up at 8. See you soon.

Love Derek*

Spencer carefully folded the note and put it in his pocket. It took all the courage that he had to nod his head in Derek's direction. It was the best that he could manage.
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