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Chapter 3

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Morgan pops the question.

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Derek was nervous, more nervous then he could ever remember being. He wanted tonight to be perfect, even though he knew that his precious boy, the love of his life, thought that they were breaking up.

He drove to Spencer's apartment and honked the horn. He was going to knock on the front door but he knew Reid better than that. If he gave Spencer half a second to change his mind; that was just the way that Spencer worked. He knew that he would rather pretend that there was no problem; then address it. Je wasn't trying to be ignorant; Morgan knew better than anyone that Reid had a hard time with male relationships, not all of them sexual. He had a fear of abandonment and that tended to influence decisions that he made.

Derek felt his heart speed up when he saw Spencer. He was dressed in black dress pants, black shoes and a black button down shirt. He had to admit his boy looked good but at the same time; the way he was dressed reflected how he was feeling. Morgan knew that Reid was dressed like he was going to a funeral because he was already mourning a relationship that he hadn't even lost.

Spencer got into the passenger seat and closed the door. As he leaned over to buckle his seatbelt he caught Derek's lips in a quick kiss. He couldn't bear the thought that he might never kiss Derek again.

The car ride was quiet. Derek was tempted several times to pull the car over and explain to him what was going on, but then the whole evening would be pointless, so in the end he just grabbed Spencer's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Spencer blinked away the tears that he could feel threatening to fall. He would remain strong, he had to. He didn't want his last memory of Derek to be clouded with his sobbing. They were breaking up; it wasn't as if someone was dying.

The dinner went well. Spencer, despite the fact that he felt like his world was crumbling around him, was holding up quite well. What Spencer couldn't understand was why Morgan would prolong the inevitable and torture him like this; did he hate him that much?

After their meal, Morgan suggested they go for a walk. It was a beautiful night, and the only reason why Spencer agreed was that he figured that the fresh air might make him feel better.

They were walking in a park that was a short walk from the restaurant. Spencer found a bench and sat down. He was physically and mentally exhausted. "Derek, can we get to the point?"

Derek smiled, "Anything for you, pretty boy. I'll go first." Derek kneeled in front of the bench so that he was looking Spencer directly in his eyes. He saw fear, panic and confusion. This wasn't exactly the way that he'd pictured this going but he could wing it.

"We've been dating for almost three years now. And you know that I love you and that I would do anything for you. You also know that I hate seeing you unhappy. I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy." He reached into his pocket and took out a small square box, opened it and presented it to Reid.

Spencer gasped and covered his mouth with his hands. He had to admit that this wasn't what he'd been expecting.

"Spencer Reid, will you marry me?"

"Yes." Carefully Spencer took the silver band out of the box and went to slip it on his finger hen he noticed an inscription on the inside of the band. "A difference, to be a difference, must make a difference. What's that about?"

Morgan held both of his now, fiancées hands. "You've made a difference to me; in my life, the way I look at things and the way that I look at myself. I can never thank you enough for what you've done for me."

Spencer didn't want to destroy the moment so he kissed Derek softly. As soon as they parted for air, Spencer pulled himself up so that he was standing. They walked back to the restaurant, both wondering how in the hell they had gotten so lucky.

The end
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