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I was so pissed! Fucking boyfriend! Fucking Cheating! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! Worst is.. no one knows im gay! “Why is it when I finally fall in love with a guy he fucking cheats!” I say to my self leaning against the wall. “Wait what?” Gerard say from behind me. SHIT! “uh…hi?” I say very awkward. Especially cause I kind of love Gee more than I’m supposed to.. “Hi mikes but seriously?? Who the fuck would cheat on you?? Your fucking hot!!” He said looking me up and down. I feel my self getting hotter. “I nod and sit down. ”My life sucks!” I say rubbing my eyes. “I can help!” Gerard sounds hopefully…? “How?” I asked. “we could go to his party know he’s having later and make out in front of him. He doesn’t know I’m your brother.” He says. My heart stopped. I turned to face him “hw do you know that?” I asked. He shrugged “i am the king of high school and you don’t think word would get around?” he says. I nod.

We both get dressed. We get to the party about 40 minutes after it starts. It was already packed. When we got there I immediately saw Chris looking at me from the corner of his eyes. I turned and randomly laughed at a fake joke Gerard says. He smiles and leans in and lightly pecks my lips. He grabs my hand and leads me to a couch. He shoves me down and starts to furiously making out with me. My pants grow tight. We here clapping, gasps, laughing, well until Chris shoved Gee back and started hurting him. I gasped and sat up. Gerard was fucking him up. Someone looked at me then Gerard, then me, SHIT! Gerard relized it “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY BOTHER BECAUSE THIS LITTLE GAME AINT OVER!” He shouted at a bleeding Chris and walked out the door.

I ran out after him. “Gee…are you alright. He grabbed me and pulled me close. My lips barely touched his. I slammed mine against his. He hesitated and kissed back. Frank walked between us “WTF!?” He shouted. I pushed him away and Grabbed Gerard’s hand and shoved him in the car. We drove to the alley behind the house. “Fuck me” Gerard wispers. “Gladly!” I relied.
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