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Chapter 3

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A/N: I just thought id point out that this chapter is basically what happened in the last chapter but in Grim's POV ... The POV in this story changes a lot so be prepared =) And also this is the part that Gavin wrote ...

"Great, another one." i quietly said to myself. "Another killjoy. Exactly what i need to deal with today." Killjoys were the hardest to deal with. Always. They were the ones that wouldn't let go of their old lives, wouldn't let themselves move on. But i always convinced them. I was pretty good at convincing them. I had to be. It's my job.

And that's when she got there. Looking like all the rest of them, dazed, confused, and majorly pissed that they were here. That she was dead. But... somehow she was different. Something about her... made her stand out. And i didn't like it. She had the usual killjoy out fit going, the neon yellow pants, with her denim jacket and hair covering most of her face. And the little black mask, leaving her entire face hidden except her eyes and lips. but something about those eyes... "No." I thought to myself. "Remember what your here for." But i couldn't focus. All i could focus on was her eyes... She had the prettiest green eyes...

"You done sizing me up? Cause I don't have all day. You're dead and you know it. Time for you to come with me." I don't think she took that to seriously. She glared. Killjoys always do. The glare worked for her though.. I think it was because of her eyes..

"Who the hell are you?" She asked, clearly not impressed with the way i was acting. But that's how i had to act. that was my job. That's why i was here. But... those eyes... i shook my head, trying to shake the thought out. It didn't work.

"You really gonna ask me that question? Who the hell do you think I am?" That one threw her a little. She had a look of shock, then one of realization.

"That's right. Believe it. I'm Death."
She shot me a look, one of confusion, and one of doubt. I don't think she believed me. "Just don't look at her eyes..." I told myself. But of course i couldn't help it. i just had to play it cool. "I am Death. You are dead. Simple as that. Now can we get a move on here? I have 4 other murders and 2 heart attack victims to deal with." I didn't really, it was actually a pretty slow day. But i couldn't tell HER that... I had to get away from her as soon as i could. I couldn't let myself get attached. I just COULDN'T...

" So you're death? I thought the Grim Reaper was supposed to come for me." That's when i got mad. I hated that name more than anything, but it was mine. So i prepared to tell the story yet again.

"I AM the Grim Reaper! That's my name. Grim Reaper C." I explained. And once again the famous look of confusion. Then she asked the same question everyone asks.

"Well then. What about Jesus? Isn't he supposed to save my soul and all that?" I laughed. It's almost funny how easy they can be read. How easy all of them can be read. They all think the same things, ask the same questions.

"Kid, are you Christian?" She shook her head no. Which is good, those types don't usually like this part of the story. "Then no. My little brother ain't coming to get you any time soon. Even then, he doesn't really come for people. I do all the dirty work." Her eyes went wild. Those eyes...


"It's a long story." I explained. And i didn't want to tell it. But she simply shrugged.

"I got time. I'm dead aren't I? And you can't do a thing without me moving on so I think I can listen to the tale." Now it was my turn to glare. She was right, i couldn't go anywhere without her coming with me.

"Fine." I said, angry. "But after this, you're coming with me."
I sighed. This is the last thing i want to be doing right now. Explaining the old family history some girl i just met has never really been at the top of my to-do-list. "But she's not just some girl." I heard in the back of my mind. "She's special and you know it" But i kicked that thought away. Hopefully she'll get bored halfway through and save me a little time.

"Wait. I have to know. You look like some 17 year old goth dude. Not a walking skeleton in a cloak with a scythe. What's up with the mix up?" I laughed lightly and lit another cigarette. I was gunna need it. I guess she wasn't going to get bored.

"Jesus. I chased after him one time with my knife in my skull pajamas and the sheets still over me when we were younger because he was in my room in the early morning, snooping around and he has to go around saying that's what death looks like just to get back at me. You gotta hate little brothers....." I joked.

"Oh..... Well..... Okay....." She said, awkwardly. But then i found myself spilling out the hole story. I didn't want to, but... i felt as if i had to. For her. For those eyes...

"I was born when everything started and I mean everything. The universe, solar system, planets, all things made of matter. My father was God and my mother.... My mother was Mother Nature. Not Mary. She came later when my parents divorced because.... Well..... Dad didn't really agree with mom's fact of loving all things. Sure, he said he did but really he didn't. Anyway, that's not the point. I am. Life was pretty good back then.... Earth was just getting created and humans were starting to roam around. And let me tell you, there was no Adam and Eve. It was many people who were scattered everywhere. Dad would sometimes let me go down there and play with the other kids, until he realized that when I wasn't happy, I made the other kids well.... Die. He made them all start out immortal but I somehow made them stop moving and breathing. That's how lifespans started. Dad kinda liked the idea of giving people only a certain amount of time to live. Mother on the other hand, didn't. She created things to make humans live longer. Dad, not liking this, created sin and all the stuff that could kill people. That's also where I came in. He saw my potential and began putting me to work when i was about 16, killing those who's time was up and bringing in the ones who died early. I kinda didn't like doing it...... I agreed with mom but dad wore the pants in the family and i had to do what he said. This lead to the divorce. I had to live with dad and continue to bring in the dead. That's pretty much my life. I don't really wanna go into the details that much of my teen years and such but yeah. That's it. And if you're wondering why i look like this, well..... I've always looked like this. Since i was 16. I chose to look the same. And those goth kids are the ones who copied me! They saw me, came back from the brink of death, and stole my style. Now, I've told you my story. Can we please go now?"
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