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Happy birthday? Part one.

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Gerard has to correct what he did at Frank's party...(continues from teaser chapter)

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Gerard's POV.

"Gerard?! Shit! What happened?"

I can hear Mikey's voice, but I can't see him. I can't see, I can't speak, I can't move. Oh God, help me Mikey. Please help me. Ring mum, ring Ray, ring an ambulance, just ring someone! I can feel my life sapping away, but I've got to hold on, I've got to do this.

I've got to make my wrong right.

I feel like I'm floating now. It's such a lovely feeling maybe I should just give in?

NO. Hold on Gerard, hold on.

"H-hello? Please help, my brother he...he's..."

That's it Mikey, ring them, help me. I don't think I can claw onto life much longer. Help me, help me.
"Gerard? W-wake up!" I can hear him crying now. Don't cry Mikey, stay strong. I'm trying to wake up I am, I am. Light begins to leak in through the blackness. Water hits my face, icy and cold against my skin. Everything is so blurry, I'm twitching, jerking violently and I have no control over it, like I'm a puppet and someone is tugging the strings. My eyes roll back and I'm in darkness once more. I'm scared, so fucking scared. Help me Mikey, help me.

Frank? Where's Frank? I'm so sorry Frank. I want Frank to be hear, to tell me everything is going to be okay. I can feel Mikey stroking my forehead,
"Shush Gee. We're gonna get through this. You're gonna be okay..." His words aren't confident enough, he thinks I'm going to die, doesn't he? No. Don't think like that.

My chest rattles, there's sirens now. They're too late, too late. My throat's tightening up. Oh, God. I'm choking. No air, no air. I can't breathe, it's too hard.

"Gerard stay calm, we're here to help you now." It's a lady, I can tell by her voice. But why can't I see?!
"Gerard, can you hear me?" Yes, I can hear you! Come on body! MOVE!

It's no use, my willpower is too weak.

Something is roughly pushed into my hand, but the pain in my body is too far gone. Someone turns my head to the side and I feel liquid pour out of my mouth. I can breathe again now. There's a rattling of a trolley and a feeling of being lifted.

"Gee, it's okay. I'm here." Mikey grips my hand and something is clipped to my thumb. I want to squeeze his hand back, tell him I'm alive still, battling to wake up. There's a slow beeping.

"His pulse and BP has dropped dramatically, get him on oxygen."

They place something over my mouth and nose. The lady is back again, her kind and soothing voice is calming and reassuring.
"Gerard, sweetie, can you speak, can you move?"
No lady, no I can't. But I want to.
She continues to talk me through everything though,
"Okay, honey, I'm going to strap your leg up. It might hurt." She's convinced I can hear her and everyone around me. She's right.

I hear the ripping of velcro and she lifts my leg up. Pain sears everywhere and there's nothing more I want to do then scream, but my lips wouldn't comply to the demand.

"Shhh, I'm here for ya bro, no matter what." Mikey whispers.

The rest all passes in a blur. There's a thud as the trolley bashes through the doors, and the sound of scuffling sneakers tell me Mikey is not far behind.
"What have we got?" Came a man's voice.
"Master Gerard Arthur Way, found collapsed in a field by younger sibling. His BP is below average and weakened pulse, dislocated ankle and possible fractured shin and femur. He might have pnumonia and is in shock."

"Get him to Resusitation, he needs fluids, ten millagram dose of morphine, ten millagram dose of penicillin and tubes to the lungs."

I'm bundled off again, I manage to open my eyes slightly. Bars of artificial light whizz past me. My chest is so tight it feels like someone's squeezing my airways. Where's Mikey? They bang the trolley through another set of doors, everything is so blurry it makes my head spin. I'm gasping for air.

"Sorry Master Way-"

"Call me Mikey."

"Apologies Mikey, but you are not permitted to enter this room, relative or not."

No. I need my brother. I need him. I force my arm up and tug down the mask,
"Mik-" I can't get any further, my voice splits and I begin to hack, chest rattiling and I wheezed.
There's a shrill whine and it hurts my ears. It feels like my heart's exploded against my ribcage. I gasp and shake, collapsing back.

"He's going into arrest! Adrenaline and defribulators, now!"

I just want it to end. I just want to let go.

So I do.

I fall into the blackness, the shouts of the doctors fading away to nothing. It's like being underwater, everything so peaceful and quiet. I just float there, who cares if I die now?

"I do." It's Frank. I can see him. I can finally see someone.

He watches me with sad honey coloured eyes, standing out of arms reach. His green and blue skin looked so smooth and soft and beautiful under the water that pressed on us both.

"Why would you care if I died?" I asked, pushing through the inky liquid to get closer, silvery bubbles leaking from my mouth and nose.
"Because I love you." He simply replied. I frowned.
"You don't love me, not after what I did..."
"I'll always love you, no matter what. But now it's time to make a choice, Gee. Go down there," He pointed to the murky depths below."Or go up there, back to civilisation." He pointed to the brightness above the surface of the sea.

"What would you have me do, Frank?" I asked and he smiled.
"Remember when you first touched my skin?" He questioned and stepped forward as I nodded, he placed his hands against my chest. "I felt a shock dance along my body." The second he said the word 'Shock' my body jerked and my back arched as I was flung off my feet.
"What are you doing?!" I gasped and he laughed.
"I'm helping you to see with a clear mind!" On the word 'Clear' my back jolted up again, pain drilling into me.
"CLEAR!!" Came a voice, and this time it wasn't Frank. I was yanked upwards and pulled out of the water and into a room. A bunch of doctors and nurses were fretting over a boy who looked a lot like me...

Oh fuck. That is me!

The lead doctor shakes his head and looks down at my limp, lifeless body, the flatline still ringing around the room. One of the older nurse bows her head and makes a cross and leaves, muttering about me being 'Too young to go.'

No! I'm not dead, I'm NOT!

The lead doctor looks at the white clock on the wall.
"Time of death; Three fourty six AM. Cause of death; inability of resussitation after cardiac arrest."

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I screamed, but of course no body could hear me. Frank was supposed to save me, send me back before I died for good. There I am, on a trolley, pale, lifeless, empty and a flatline... I put my head in my hands. No hope now, no hope now...


One doctor looks up, disbelief on his face and taps the lead doctor,
"Bob, look."


The head doctor leapt into action, sandy hair flung from his crystal blue eyes.
"Oxygen and adrenaline, quickly!"
He placed a mask over my blue tinged lips and began to press the tube, forcing air into my lungs. After a few seconds, my once dead body gasps and I'm snatched back into reality and life.
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