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Happy birthday? part two.

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What did Gerard do to Frank?

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Frank's POV.


"Hey Frankie, this is Alex, say hi." Gerard introduced me to a tall, slim boy with sandy hair and dark eyes.
"Hi." I smiled and we shook hands. The music blasted from every corner, I can't believe Gerard went through all the trouble to throw me a birthday party in my house! I'm so lucky! Alex tottered off, slightly drunk from five bottles of beer. Gerard had invited everyone he knew, in and out of town to the party, hence so many guests.

Gerard slumped on the couch and I sat on his lap, snuggling into him to whisper in his ear,
"I love you, Gee." I pressed my lips to his,
" you too, Frankie" He mumbled into my mouth and I giggled.
"I'll go and fetch you a glass of water." I smiled and slipped off his legs. Gerard pouted,
"But I like your ass right there on my lap, it's warm."
I laughed and slapped the back of my jeans where my ass was,
"You can't touch this." I smirked and he stuck his tongue out,
"I'll geT it one day Iero, mark my words." And then he smirked. I chuckled and skipped off for the kitchen, dodging people left, right, and centre.

Mikey was with Chelsi and two other boys Gerard had introduced me to; Pete Wentz and Bert (ummm, what was his last name again? I'll have to ask Gerard). The two lads had placed a funnell into Mikey's mouth and Chelsi was tipping a massive bottle of beer down it whilst the two boys screamed "CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!"

Ray on the other hand, was passed out on the floor, snoring loudly in a puddle of beer as Ivy slapped him round the face in an attempt to wake him up. I looked for Maria and Eva but they weren't to be seen. They were probably somewhere amongst this mass of people.

I finally managed to pour a glass of water and was making my way back to the living room when I saw them. Gerard was sat on the couch still with a boy on his lap, another boy. My heart wrenched tightly as I realised what they were doing. Gerard was fucking kissing him, his lips latched firmly to the other boy's mouth.
Anger leapt up in my stomach and I threw the glass to the floor, it shattered everywhere, gaining everyone's attention. Gerard pulled away and I saw he was kissing no other than Alex, who I had met not three minutes ago.

"Frank, it's not what it looks like, honestly!" He begged. HA! It didn't look like you were doing nothing to me!
I turned to the crowd of people behind me,
"All of you. Get out. The party's over."
They left in a shocked silence and I glared at Gerard.
"Get out." I said.
"Babe please, it wasn't me! He...he..."
"Get out of my house!" I yelled and grabbed a handful of his shirt, he tried to twist away but I dragged him to the door and threw him out. Anger was so powerful that I didn't care when I heard his ankle click, I didn't care it was raining and he was drenched and could catch cold. I hope a million bad things would happen to him, because what he just did will leave a hole in my heart forever.

I threw Alex out after him and shouted at Gerard more anguished sentences and I said four words I knew just wasn't entirely true.
"I don't love you."
He stared in shock and I slammed the door, pressing my back to it and sliding down the frame, head in my hands. I loved him, I loved him so much and he only pretended to love me back. I picked up a shard of glass on the floor and rolled up my sleeves, exposing the brown stitches. I hate myself, I hate myself. You're ugly Frank. I severed a stitch with the sharp shard and kept on pulling and pulling at the stitches.

My whole world just fell apart, my body might as well fall with it.
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