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Broken and in pieces

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Never trust fairytales. There are no happy endings..

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Frank's POV

Never trust fairytales. There are no happy endings. All that end in "And they all lived happily ever after the end." are lies; There's always something around the corner, biding its time before striking. You can overcome perilous obsticles, embark on suicidal adventures, look danger and death right in the eye and still live to tell the story - but that is never the end. As long as you're still breathing, your story is still going.

I was supposed to be the monster who fell in love, found happiness with that one man... where is my happy ending?!

I hate him, there are not enough words to describe how much I loathe him... Agh, who am I kidding?

I still love him.

It's been three days since the party. Everytime the door knocks my heart pounds, I expect him to come walking into the hall, little teeth glinting in his famous crooked smile, hazel eyes sparkling bright enough to set the whole room ablaze in light, and his ebony hair ruffled and soft, just the way I liked it. I want him to hold me, pick me up off the ground, 'cause I know if he does come here I'll fall to my knees, pleading him to forgive me because I over reacted, telling him through sobs that he's the only reason I get up in the morning and that he's the only reason I can face the world.

He won't take me back, I know it; he loves Alex now.
But at least he's happy. I mean, that's always what I wanted for him.

But I thought he would be happy with me...Oh how wrong I was...

I've learnt my lesson now; Nobody can love a monster like me.

I hate myself. Hate. Such a small word for such a strong feeling. Hate - to dislike something or someone so much as to destroy, hurt, or even kill.

The perfect word for me alright. I picked at the stitching with my teeth. I hope to crumble my way out of this world. Gerard won't be able to keep my secret much longer, I might as well obliterate the evidence. I'll tear myself into so many pieces not even the Professor could patch me up. When I was hit by that truck it was my time to die, heaven (or wherever it is you go) had a spare set of wings and a halo with my name on it. I cheated death once.

I don't intend to cheat it again.

But then again what can you call death if you already are technically dead?

Death snatches away mortal lives from humans, maybe he does something different for creatures like me. What does it matter? I just want to get this over with.

I had a note prepared to explain my sudden departure. I can't call this suicide if I'm technically dead already.

Whoever it may concern,

The body you find before you belonged to a boy called Frank. This was NOT a suicide for he was already dead, patched together by rotting corpses after an horrific accident involving him and his boyfriend, James, a patch of black ice and an enormous truck that wasn't able to stop until it had hit his tiny, thirteen year old body and dragged him under the wheels.
Frank had died on the third of November 1999 and died again, today on the third of November 2003 for the final time.
His final wish was to tell Gerard Arthur Way how much he loved him and to apologise for how much of a jerk he was. He knows now that he should of cherished every moment they had in this world. Frank now sees that Gerard was a final chance and he blew it. Frank knows that Gerard won't care and doesn't blame him. Frank's last moments were of you Gerard because that's the only good thing he could think of. He died peacefully with his mind only set on that one thing.

Gerard, my love for you never died, now I am gone I only ask that you think of me fondly, not as the moron that threw you out. I tried to ring you but then I realised you most probably hate me. I hope you find everything you want in life and though we depart as enemies, I hope we meet on the other side as friends. Just please, keep my memory alive and my love close to your heart because I can't give it to anyone else.

All my love forever,

Frank xoxo

I rip through the stitches with ease, tears toppling down my cheeks and neck. I'm falling to pieces now, literally.

[/Goodbye Ray, Mikey, Chelsi, Maria, Eva and Ivy...Goodbye Gee, I'm sorry...I love you...

I take my penknife with my still intact arm and slice open the stitches on my chest, splitting the green and blue skin. My eyesight began to darken and I can see...RAY AND IVY?!?!

Ivy wrenched the blade from my grip and Ray shook me, shouting and Ivy nodded, running off out of the door they had burst through a minute ago. Ray lifted up my shirt.

No, Ray, don't look!

Ray took in everything, mismatched skin, stitches, scars and the now gaping hole in my chest.

His face paled and his eyes filled with tears.

Oh crap...
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