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The text message

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Mikey gets a worrying text...

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Wow. It's been a while since I updated :/ It's just that stuff's been going down lately and I just didn't feel like writing much etc. etc.
I'm glad so many of you read and review, it means so much to me!
Enough of my rambling, enjoy the chapter

- Sara xoxo

Gerard's POV.

"Gerard, wake up you dick!" An hysterical voice rips through my throbbing head, setting my brain on fire it hurt so bad. My ears began to tune into the surrounding noises. Scuffling shoes, soft voices, a hissing noise from right beside me and a beeping that was really starting to piss me off.

I wiggled my fingers slightly, finally being able to feel them once more, and I delighted in the warm, prickling sensation travelling up my arms, chest, head, and gushing down to meet my numb toes. Light seeped into my vision and I fluttered my eyelids, the brightness blurring my vision.

Suddenly, someone turned the light off and my eyes focused onto the man in a white coat putting a small torch away.
"Wermeye...?" I tried to speak, but even a small attempt like 'where am I?' was too difficult. The man looked at me and smiled with crystal blue eyes.
"Hello Gerard, I'm your doctor. You're in the hospital, you are a very lucky young man."

Lucky? What did he mean by that?
"Mi-Mi-Mikey?" I croaked, my voice all dry and nasally. I wriggled my nose and discovered the source of the problem; a single tube was taped across my cheeks and top lip, two smaller tubes branching off two flow down my nostrils. Ew.

I reached up with a shaky hand to pull it off, no longer wanting the hideous thing attached to my face. Someone grabbed my hand gently in a soft, pale, bony, white fingered grip, lowering my arm back down to the covers. I followed the hand to a dishevilled, tierd looking Mikey. His mousey brown hair was flicked up at the ends of his layers, beanie hat and glasses lopsided. His clothes were creased and shabby and he had begun to get stubble from an considerable lack of sleep.
The doctor turned with a parting smile and left the room.

Mikey suddenly flipped,
"Do you know how worried we all were? Any idea at all?! You fucking scared me half to fucking death you fucktard! You flatlined and they pronounced you dead!" Anger and pain flushed his face and I sunk lower into my sheets from fear.

That fucking annoying machine began to pick up pace and my chest hurt.
"Your such an insufferable, selfish prick of a brother!" He raised his arms and I cringed, afraid he would hit me. I was very much surprised when he envoloped me in a hug, sobbing softly.
"But you're my insufferable, selfish prick of a brother Gee...Don't ever leave me again..."
I pulled my aching arms as far as I could around him.
"I'm...not going...anywhere again...Mikes...I promise..." I rasped, struggling to speak more than a three word sentence. I glanced over Mikey's shoulder to the lump where my overly sized left leg was. I frowned.

" me...Mikey?"
He followed the gaze to my abnormally shaped leg.
"You dislocated your ankle, but made it worse 'cause you walked so long on it and broke a bit of the bottom of your shin bone...I had the nurses put it in black plaster for you, your favourite colour..." I couldn't help but smile at that; he knew me so well.
I looked around the empty room.
"Where is everyone else? Why are they not here by my bedside to grieve the amazing Gerard Arthur Way's...poor broken leg?" I joked, able to speak much better now. Mikey chuckled at my fake dramatics.
"Well mom had to go to work, so did dad, Chelsi went to fetch some coffee with Maria, Eva's parents just called for her a minute ago, and Ray and Ivy went to find Frank for you."

My heart wrenched at Frank's name, the terrible memories flooding back.
"No.." I whispered, "I don't want to see him..." Mikey frowned.
"But I thought you two were together?" He asked. "Why don't you want to see him?" I had to think on my feet.
"I ummm...I...don't want him to see me like...this." I lied and Mikey opened his mouth to talk again when, miracuously, his phone went off. He clicked the screen on and read the text, his face dropping and his skin becoming even more grey.

"It's Ray...Gee, something's happened to Frank...I gotta go..."
Despite Frank not loving me anymore, my heart twisted violently again.

I hope they haven't found out Frank's secret.
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