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Teaser- "Our deaths will be like Romeo and Juliet's...babe..."

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A teaser for upcoming chapters because I didn't have time for a full update xoxo

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Wow. It's been so fucking long since I updated. It's unreal o.o
-Sara xo

"But babe, it will be you and me. Together. Forever. It's what we always wanted!" he cried, a sickening smile on his face- he is not the boy I used to know.

"I'm sorry, I really, truly am...but my heart belongs to someone else." I whispered, tears in my eyes as he pulls something out of his pocket.

A gun.

"Your heart can't belong to him if you die with me, Frank." He takes aim with a mad smile twisted on crude lips, "You die first, then I'll go after. We'll be together, for eternity. I promise."

"James, please, it's not you I love it's-"

"It's him isn't it?" He cackles, "Don't worry, I've taken good care of him...babe."

"What have you done? James, what have you done?!"
He dragged me to the window, the gun to my temple and twists my head so I can see the sunset. He laughs more crazily and I cry harder.

"Our deaths will be like Romeo and Juliet's...babe..."
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