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Chapter 2

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Wade knew that he had to be quiet; being at an empty, Carnival in the middle of the night was suspicious enough. But if anything bad had happened to Bolt he didn't want to be caught snooping around. He had no doubt that he could take care of anyone who did catch him but that was a road that he didn't want to travel.

His heart sped up as he realized that most of the lights for the Carnival were either dimmed or completely off. Come on Wade, you're being childish. Of course the lights are low. Chris probably doesn't want anyone knowing that his little Carnie trick isn't a trick at all.

Victor meanwhile had been just about to make the final cut that would have killed the other mutant but he caught the scent of the unwelcome intruder. He recognized the scent immediately and knew that it was Wade. He also knew that although he had brute strength and speed; he was no match for the merc with a mouth. He sneered at Bolt and removed the hand that he had placed over the other man's mouth. "You got lucky."

Wade stealthily made his way from the front of the trailer into the small bathroom just as Creed disappeared through the window. He had known that Creed had been there but he also knew that he was there for Chris, not Victor. Art first he feared that he was too late. Bolt was lying on the floor; covered in his own blood. Wade leaned down and picked up his friend. "It's okay. I'm going to get you the help that you need." Somehow. He knew that he was already short on time as Bolt went completely limp in his arms.

As he laid Bolt in the back seat of his car, he knew that he had no choice; he'd have to bring him to the hospital. Luckily he had foreseen that and brought an inhibitor cuff. It ensured that Chris couldn't use his powers. It was a spin-off from the collars that Genosha used only not so right-in-your-face obvious. He snapped the cuff around his friend's wrist and sped to the nearest hospital. He had already decided that anyone stupid enough to get in his way was going to end up hurt. Luckily he was able to make it to the hospital without leaving a body count.

Once Chris was admitted and they had begun to stabilize him, Wade had gotten asked some rather difficult questions. His first instinct had been to just kill them all but he knew that this time that was not an option. They were in a public place for starters and lastly his best friend's life depended on the doctor's ability to do their job. So, Wade told them that they had been in the woods and a bear had attacked Chris. The doctor's looked sceptical but it was the only explanation that they had.

Wade had waited patiently and had managed to all thoughts and commentary to himself. It was the only way that he'd be permitted to see Bolt. He knew that he couldn't leave the hospital until he was sure that Chris was okay. After alternately staring at the clock and pacing back and forth for almost two hours a doctor came into view.

"Mr. Wilson?"

Deadpool stood. Yes, Dennis you are a menace. You stupid child. It's time for you to die now. He tried not to smile at his own inner monologue. "Doctor, Is he dead?" Wade was no stranger to death; he had killed enough people. Being the bringer of death was one thing but having no control over it and being told that your friend had been in a lot of pain and had just gave up—that was different.

Dr. Reynold's shook her head. "No. He's stable. We've got him on heavy-duty painkillers and he's in and out of consciousness. But he's alive."

"Can I go in and see him?"

She smiled. "Sure. I can have one of the interns bring a pillow and blanket so that you can spend the night if you'd like."

He nodded. "Thanks."

"You're welcome."

As he walked towards Bolt's room he was well aware that she thought that he and Chris were lovers. He shrugged. If it gets me what I want I can live with that. He stopped just short of the door. He wasn't even sure why he had stopped and he disliked how much effort it took to get his feet moving again. No, none of this was making his day.
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