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Chapter 3

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See Chapter 1.

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Chris opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. If he could open his eyes and breathe then Creed hadn't killed him. He looked around the dimly lit room and tried to brighten the lights—nothing happened. He tried not to panic. He sat up too fast and the room started spinning. Great. Dizzy and powerless. He could feel the tears burning his eyes, he tried to hold them back but it was no use. He closed his eyes in an effort to ignore his dizziness. He passed back out with tears drying on his cheeks.

After watching the respirator breath for his friend for the better part of an hour, he knew that if he didn't get out of there he'd go crazy. More crazy than you are already. So he sat in the cafeteria drinking coffee and thinking about nothing in particular. After the coffee was gone he walked back to the room.

Hospitals gave him the creeps. He hated how quiet they were, how sterile and how they were full of death. Now he was stuck in one. He pulled the chair closer to the side of the bed. "Bradley, can you hear me?" He watched the monitor. He knew that Chris' power was electronically based. He knew that if Chris had started to regain consciousness, the first things he'd affect would be monitors, lights and computers. He sighed when there was no response. Then he smacked himself in the head, of course there's no response. He snapped off the inhibitor cuff that he had placed on him earlier.

He put the folded up cuff in his pocket and waited. He impatiently watched the monitors. There was no hum, no suddenly bright lights—nothing. There was just his best friend, in a coma like state and nothing else.

Dr. Reynold's stood in the doorway. This was a scene that she had seen over and over again. It didn't matter that the faces changed—the basics were the same. She walked in the room and put her hand on the brunette's shoulder. "People come out of coma all the time." She squeezed his shoulder and left the room.

Wade was stressed. When he got stressed he felt the urge to kill someone, which was not good for anyone involved. This wasn't the way that things were supposed to go. He should have been able to get there in time. But no, by the time he had gotten there it was too late.

Chris, on the other hand is dreaming only he doesn't realize that he's dreaming. He's in his trailer near the Carnival. He has a job there, he's happy with the way that his life goes. As he sits in his favourite chair, drinking Scotch and playing with the dozens of light bulbs that hang from his ceiling, there's a knock on the door that irritates him. He's a Carnie freak, one of the many. He thinks that it's probably one of the many people that he scammed out of money that day. After all, what sort of trick is it, when you can control electricity and it's a light bulb.

"The show's over." He yells at the closed door. The knocking continues. He can feel a knot forming in the pit of his stomach. He remembers this feeling from years earlier when he had been part of Team X. It was a welcoming feeling; it was one of fear.

With shaking hands he opened the door. His eyes went wide with fear as he saw Wade Wilson standing in front of him. This is it. After years of living a quiet life they've found you. Now they are going to kill you.

"Hello Wade."

Wade cocked his head to the side. "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

Chris took a sip from his glass. "Of course. Come on in." He stepped aside to let Wade in but all he did was stand in the doorway. "Aren't you coming in?"

Wade looked at him, his eyes tearful. "Why don't you wake up? I'm sorry I wasn't there to save you."

"What are you talking about?"

Wade continued to stand there. "I felt that something was wrong but I waited too long. I'm so sorry."

Chris was confused. He suddenly felt dizzy. He closed his eyes to get a hold of himself. As he opened his eyes he noticed a couple of things, the first thing being that he was in complete darkness. The second was that in the dark or not, he was not at home.

"Uh Chris?"

"Yeah?" He knew that he should know that voice but with the buzzing in his head, he couldn't place it.

"Could you turn the lights back on?"

Chris smirked. "Oh right." He closed his eyes and focused on the electrical pulses that he could feel all around him. The lights slowly turned back on. Chris re-opened his eyes and was surprised that Wade was staring back at him. "Wade?"

Wade noticed with alarm that Chris was shaking. "Are you okay?"

Chris sat up, pushing the dizziness aside. "No. I need to get out of here before Creed comes back."

Wade pushed Chris back down. "Creed isn't going to hurt you. You're going to stay here until the doctors give you the okay to leave. I'll be by your side to keep you safe."

Chris nodded. He trusted Wade. He knew that with the level of expertise that Wade had when it came to fighting and combat meant that if Wade said that he's be safe then he would be safe. He settled back into the bed and closed his eyes. He let the regularity of Wade's breathing lull him to sleep.
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