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Chapter 4

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See Chapter 1.

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Wade sat in Chris' living room sharpening his sword. Chris had been released from the hospital a few days ago. The doctors told them that he had been lucky, if he had been stabbed in the chest a little deeper his left lung would have been punctured and that would have been really bad. As it was he got tired really fast; this meant that power outages in their neighbourhood had been frequent. So, despite Bolt's protests Wade had put the inhibitor cuff back on him.

He got up from the couch, laid his sword on the table and walked to the bedroom. Nightmares for Chris were common and often terrifying. Wade knew the signs that gave away that he was having a nightmare and as he watched Chris cry in his sleep and curl into a ball he knew that if he didn't do something soon the screaming would start. Wade never asked what the nightmares were about and Chris never offered an explanation.

He walked over to the bed and crawled in behind Chris. He knew that he shouldn't. After all crawling in bed with another man was gay and he was definitely into girls. At the same time, this seemed to work to keep him quiet. He curled his own body around Chris' and gently rubbed his stomach. He knew that it was working as Chris leaned into him and his breathing evened out. The only problem was that he was now stuck. He let his body settle into the mattress and had soon drifted off to sleep.

Wade was a light sleeper. This had saved his ass more than once and now was no exception. He heard a noise outside and was up immediately. He quickly and quietly got out of bed and began to search the house.
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