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Chapter 5

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Victor Creed was certain of quite a few things. The first being that Chris had had company earlier that day, he was pretty sure the company had left. He had been watching Bolt for quite sometime. He knew that the friend that was over more often then not was Deadpool. That man was dangerous on the best of days; he couldn't imagine what the psychopath could do when angry.

He quietly bypassed the alarm at the front door. He was surprised; the alarm was one of those electric jobs—the kind that Chris would've had no problem controlling. Although, he was betting that with the kind of damage that he had done, he might have been having some complications with his powers.

He silently walked into the bedroom where he spotted Chris sleeping. He knew that taking Bolt out was going to be no problem and this time Deadpool wouldn't be there to save him. If Victor had been more in tune with his surroundings, he would have heard Wade slide his sword off the table but he was oblivious. He didn't even hear Wade until he had a sword sticking right through the middle of his chest. Quicker then Creed had thought was possible, Wade had taken his two smaller daggers and forced them through Creed's shoulders while pushing the older man against the wall; pinning him there.

Deadpool looked at Creed. Victor didn't like the emptiness that was in Wade's eyes. "Hey Wade, take it easy."

Deadpool tilted his head. "You thought that it was going to be easy, didn't you? You were going to sneak in here and finish what you had started in his trailer?" Deadpool shook his head. "Uh-oh. It looks like things aren't going to work out that way. This is where you die."

Victor laughed. "You think that you can kill me?"

Wade smiled. "No, but it'll be fun to try."

Chris had awoken during the struggle but he had stayed still because he knew that being as exhausted as he was he didn't stand a chance against Creed. Now that Creed was immobilized he got out of bed. He walked to where Wade was standing in front of Creed. "Why did you come after me?"

Creed laughed. "Why not? I've already killed lots of people. You'd be just one more. I wouldn't want to get rusty and I've always hated you. You're weak. You didn't want to shoot your gun but you did it because you were told to. I should've killed you nice and quick in that trailer."

Bolt didn't give himself time to think about what Creed was saying. He knew that if he did that he'd overanalyse it and then he'd begin to believe that Creed should kill him. Instead he closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind. Wade was waiting for his word. Chris looked at him. "If I asked you, could you do it? Could you kill him?"

Wade smiled at him. "Yeah." He pulled his longer sword out of its sheath. He held the blade against Creed's neck, forcing his head up. "I could cut his head off."

Chris looked into Creed's eyes and smiled. "Then do it." As he heard the blade slice through his adversary's flesh he turned away. He had known that asking Wade to kill Creed had been wrong and he didn't believe that Creed would stay dead. He was hoping that it would buy him enough time to leave and try to start a new life somewhere else. He knew that there was a good chance that Creed would find him anyway and then kill him but that was a chance that he was willing to take.

He turned to face Wade and the mess that the decapitation had created. "Do you think it worked?"

Wade kicked Creed's head across the floor. "I don't know. But I don't want to stick around to find out. Let's go. Get out whatever can't be replaced; then we're leaving."

Chris didn't know what Wade was up to and he was pretty sure that he didn't want to know. "There's nothing here that I can't replace. Can we just leave?"

"In a minute." Wade walked to the back of the property and came back in with a small pail of paint thinner. "I know that this is illegal but it is the best way that I can think of in making sure that he doesn't get up."

Within minutes Wade and Chris were gone. The Fire Department had been alerted to the fire, it had been assumed that the body found inside the house had been that of the homeowner Brian Johnson. It had been turned over to the Homicide Unit but that was the last that Bolt and Deadpool had heard.

Chris watched from a distance as his house burned. He was hoping that that was the last time that he saw Creed. He had started shake, he was thankful that he still had the inhibitor cuff on or else all the lights in the neighbourhood would have been flickering.

Wade wasn't stupid. He knew that even while they had been part of Stryker's 'special team' Chris had been uncomfortable with the way that things were run. He didn't like the fact that they were killing people. He knew that when Creed had broken into Bolt's trailer he had assumed that it was the end for him. He wasn't like Wade. Wade was more than fine when it came to killing people; he enjoyed it. He thought that watching people die was invigorating and fun. He studied Chris' face. His bottom lip trembled slightly and he could tell that everything that had happened was just too much. Wade held Chris' hand in his own and waited. Chris squeezed Wade's hand and they both knew that it was time to go.
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