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Chapter 10

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See chapter 1.

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Sheldon had decided to make his move that night. He figured that his clumsy plan would work well enough. He thought that he had covered all the bases. What he had miscalculated was that El was a very smart man and El had seen his escape coming. He smiled as he watched Sands move with a grace that shouldn't be possible. He let Sands get outside and near the end of the property before he said anything.

"Where are you going?"

Sands froze. He had been caught. Damn. "El. I need you to understand I have to go. I can't stand being taken care of."

El nodded. He had known that Sheldon had a very fierce independent streak. He, no doubt, felt that he needed to take care of himself. "Sands, I understand. But the thing is, you're blind. You cannot function the way you used to. If you come with me the island is big enough that you could be by yourself. But it's small enough that if you got into trouble I could help you."

El closed the distance between them. HE ran his hand over Sands' face. He smiled, despite the fact that Sands had stated over and over again that he didn't need anyone, he leaned into El's touch.


He touched the hand that was still on his face and held it. There was a lot that Sands knew that he should say but he wasn't going to. He knew from experience that feelings were dangerous things. If an enemy knew that you cared about someone; they could exploit that. It was just safer to show no emotion at all.

Sands was lucky in the respect that El knew this. He was no stranger to misery and pain; this knowledge came with life experiences and mistakes that El would not make again. Sands was also lucky that El was a patient man and that he had no intention of letting Sheldon go without a fight.

Sheldon on the other hand, was freaking out. He had only made a commitment to a relationship once before. That had been with Jena, and if he was brutally honest with himself, el knew more about him then she ever did. He was terrified that the one time he let his guard down enough to let someone else in something even worse than what he already had been through would happen.

El seemed to know that he would be thinking this. He held him tightly. He had to convey to him (and not just with words) that everything would be all right. He knew he had at the very least, partially succeeded when Sands finally hugged him back. It was quite a while before Sands felt like he could let go.

A week later Marie-Anne watched her son and his friend drive away. She hadn't expected them to go so quickly, but she understood why El felt that the sooner they left the better. Sheldon would have a ton of work ahead of him but with a little luck—who knew? She was surprised; El had managed to get behind Sheldon's carefully placed systems. Maybe Sheldon would begin to feel comfortable enough to share his dark secrets. She shrugged. She knew that only time would tell.

The end
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