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Chapter 9

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See chapter 1.

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Sands lay in bed. The blankets fitting comfortably around his waist, his face pressed up against El's back. He couldn't say that he had been surprised that they had sex. He had been surprised that he liked it; although he was still slightly confused as to how it happened.

Now he had a lot to think about. What if he did go with El and it turned out to be a trap? Then what? Go through the bullshit of possibly being tortured again—no thanks. He also realized that he couldn't hide behind his fear forever. He snuggled closer to El. Sleep came a little easier that night.

Some hours later Sands awoke. Waking up for him is always strange. There's no sunlight through his window to tell him that he's awake and the nightmares (memories) that plague is sleep are gone. He had just suddenly floated to the surface of consciousness. Instead of the buzz of the drill or the feeling of a hand on the back of his head, he feels the softness of the sheets under or over him.

He runs a hand over his face, checking for sunglasses—they aren't on his face. He can tell he's the only one in bed. He squishes the panic he can feel starting to build in his chest. Panicking wouldn't help him. He ran his hand over the nightstand—no glasses. He checked under his pillow and all over the surface of the bed, yet still came up empty handed. He decided that he'd take a shower and get dressed. He still had his morning routine to get through. If he had to face the world exposed, he'd do it without cowering in a corner.

Meanwhile downstairs Marie-Anne was listening to a man who had introduced himself as El. "I think that it would be good if he left here."

She tapped her nails in the table. "I don't know. How do I know that you're a friend and not one of the people who are responsible for his current condition?"

El raised an eyebrow. "If I had been don't you think Sands would have killed me?"

She had to admit he had a point. "Where will you take him?"

El had thought about this very carefully and for quite some time. He knew that it was in their best interest if it was somewhere secluded. "I know that it would be in his best interest to stay away from large cities with high populations. My brother had a lot of investments. One of these was a small island in the Caribbean. I'm taking him there. It's secluded enough that he'll be comfortable and should he want to be around people, it's only a three-minute boat ride to the next island. I have a friend there, who used to be a military doctor. Senor Tang has already told me that he would be willing to keep an eye on Sands. I think that if he gets away from here he can forget about Jena—in a sense he can start over."

She sipped her coffee. She wanted to believe that her son would be safe with this man but she had her doubts. She had just gotten her son home, after a very traumatic experience and here he was being taken away again. But on the same hand leaving the States and starting over could be exactly what he needed.

"Have you discussed this with him?"

El tossed his hair out of his face. "Yes and no. I asked him to come with me but I did not tell him where we were going to go. Chances are, he'll come talk to you. I think that it would be really good for him to get away."

She nodded. She didn't want to believe it but she knew that El had a point. She decided that if Sheldon came to her she would tell him that leaving could be for the better.

What they didn't know was that Sheldon was thinking the exact same thing. He had already showered and had a duffle bag packed. He was leaving and with a little luck he's be able to do it without getting caught.

He knew that he couldn't get past them in broad daylight. He would have to be patient and wait for nightfall. His plan (as brilliant as it wasn't) was to stroll right out the front door while his mother slept. He had no idea what he was going to do after that. He hated not having his plans properly thought out, but this would have to do.
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