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i'll be your number one with the bullet {ending one}

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three possible endings this is the first one

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5 years later

Mona walked down the street, 5 years since her a7x and Pete left Beckette manor. There was the sound of music coming from a club. A voice she could never forget. She slipped into the place. She looked from the door at the band
"Oh, little did she know
Couldn't let me go
Already a part of her" the lead singer sang she knew who he was five years. Brendon she had seen him at street fights seducing girls she couldn’t help that prang of jealousy when she saw him with his arms round another woman. The guitarist stopped playing. He looked familiar to Mona but she couldn’t think where she knew him from.
"Why?" he said
"Why what Ryan?" Brendon asked Mona felt the gun at her side
"I know who you’re singing about in that song Brendon"
"Who Ryan who?"
Anger flickered in Brendon’s eyes "5 years Ryan why can't you drop it"
"You’re not over her are you I bet when you’re kissing me your thinking of her" Ryan said Brendon started too walked towards Ryan in an aggressive manor but he ran off stage he was quickly fallowed by the drummer and bassist.
Brendon stood alone on stage. This was the time for revenge; she pulled the gun and pointed it at Brendon. She placed her finger on the trigger. Pulled it no, no shot nothing.
She hadn't shot why?
There was a whip of air behind her. She turned round and there he was. She pointed the gun at him. He stepped forward took her hand with the gun and place the barrel under his chin.
"Go on pull it" he said looking in her eyes just like Pete's.
There breathing was heavy the tension was thick in the air. Mona through the gun to the side, she grabbed his tie and pulled him down his lips on hers. His tough slipped into her mouth. He pulled her in. He lifted her she wrapped her legs around his waist.
"Wanna get a room?" Brendon asked
She placed a soft kiss on his lips "No" she said picking up her gun "Next time I am going to kill you" Mona said winking at him
Brendon fixed his tie and ran a hand through his hair.
"Mona Wentz you will be the death of me" he laughed
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