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lay in your bed {ending two}

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Mona's eyes open she looked at the dark red walls then beside her in the four poster bed. He lay there eyes still closed breahing lightly.
They had left the manor only to be confronted by dandies they couldn't fight them all of then she couldn't remeber what happended next but all she knew now was that she was happy.
"Morning" a soft groan came
"Don't you mean night" Mona said
Brendon laughed then kissed her. There was a knock at the door
"Brendon get off my daughter William wants to see us" Pete yelled through the door
Both Mona and Brendon Moaned in fustration then rolled there eyes.
"You know I love you right" Brendon whispered, in her ear. She nodded
"I love you too" she said. Brendon slipped something on her finger
"Marry me" he said. She looked down at the sliver ring with blue dimons
Brendon smiled.
"Yes" they exchanged a small kiss before Brendon left their room.

There was a punk fight tonight William wanted them gone, and that's what they where going to do. the streets where in chaos, the body of many punk and dandies lined pavements. He saw Mona, she was a perfect killer. Brendon strolled through it no punks would face him, too scared.
there where only a few left "Brendon" someone said behind him he turned to see Jon, a worried look on his face, he could tell something was wrong.
He rushed to the large group, there he saw there his Mona, his sweet flower, she had been staked, it had just nicked the heart.

But he knew she won't make it

she lay in there bed for three hours, before she finally passed and when she was gone, well Brendon had that whole in his heart that he got when she first got away. he sighed, he was going to miss her.
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