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Beaten and broken and chased from the lare {ending three}

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M.shadows pointeed at the blue prints sending each one of them to there set place in the manor. But Mona wasn't listening.
"Mona, Mona hello" Johnny said waving a hand infront of her face.
"Yeah what?" she asked shaking her head
"You ok?" Pete asked
"Fine" Mona replied
"Right" M.shadows contiued "I'll go after Brendon..."
"No" Mona said "I'll go after Brendon"
"You sure?" Zacky asked
"Yes" Mona said
They split off, they where going to end Beckette and his rain over this town once and for all.
Mona climbed up a tree that was outside Brendons window. She looked in at the vampire only to see he was not alone William was there.
"You let Wentz out didn't you?" William snarled at Brendon, he looked terrified.
"I...I didn't Will...William I... s...sw...swear" Brndon stuttered. Moan had never seen Brendon like this scared and frightened.
William quickly struck Brendon, Brendon hit the floor William sarted to kick into him. William then reached down grabbing a fist full of his hair draging him to his feet. Brendon's lip started to shake. His lip was burst, his eye swollen. William slammed Brendons head into a wall knocking him out. William left the room.
Mona opened the window and slipped into the room. Mona looked down at Brendon then went to the bathroom she took a towel damped it with cold water, she returned to the room knelt down next to Brendons unconscience body she placed the towel on his forehead. His eyes started to flickered opened. He pushed her away and tried to stand but fail. Mona caught him she wrapped her arms around his waist. She helped him onto the bed, he lay down. She took the towel and dapped it on his lip taking away the blood.
"What are you doing here?" Brendon asked
"Don't ask" Mona said
"Tell me" he growled
"Make me" Moan said Brendon reached out to grasp her but she jumped out the way. He groaned in pain. She kicked him in the chest sending him back on to the bed. She stadelied his hips. She raised her eyebrow.
"Bitch" He grunted
she cupped his chin
"Get out like me, Pete and Zacky even though I should hate your guts I don't" she said "And get out now"
"Your right" he said
She got off him went to the window opened it she blew him a kiss before disappering into the night.
Maybe next time they meet it would be on better terms
Brendon hoped
"Love you honey" Brendon whispered

he left later that night never to be found again

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